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Debt Advice Recovery Farleys Solicitors

Subprime Cars - Borrowing for Car Purchases Reaches Record Levels

The UK has gone car crazy and a record number of cars are being bought. British households borrowed a record £31bn in 2016 to buy cars. Th...

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Mark Skinner Associate Partner
Family law

Help for Domestic Violence Victims Comes at a Price

As a result of recent changes in legislation, it is a requirement for victims of domestic abuse to provide evidence of such abuse before the...

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Jill Stackhouse Family Executive
Motoring Driving Law Farleys Solicitors LLP

New Driving Law Set to Sting Motorists Using Mobile Phones at the Wheel

In recent years, the government have done well to create a stigma attached to using a mobile phone whilst driving - similar to the way the p...

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Ben Leech Solicitor
Commercial Litigation Farleys Solicitors LLP

Written Contracts Are a Must

The High Court has held in the case of MacInnes v Gross [2017] that a discussion between businessmen over dinner in a restaurant did not amo...

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Kieran OConnor Partner
Employment Law Farleys Solicitors LLP

Court Ruling Signals Significant Development For Freelance Working Laws

Today there has been a significant court ruling over freelance working in the modern workplace. The Court of Appeal has handed down its judg...

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Victoria Mitchell Associate Partner
Family law

Unmarried Cohabiting Couples – Do You Know Your Legal Rights?

A landmark decision was made this week in the Supreme Court whereby it was held that an unmarried woman was automatically entitled to pensio...

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Rebecca Woollam Trainee Solicitor
Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors LLP

Britain’s Worst Paedophile Sentenced to Life in Prison

A serial child abuser, named as Britain’s worst paedophile, has been sentenced to life in jail to serve a minimum of 16 years after admitt...

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Kelly Darlington Associate Partner

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