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JDB Meet the Team

CICA claims reduced for victims of child sex abuse

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

The BBC today reported that more than 400 sex abuse victims have had their damages reduced under the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme because they have later committed criminal offences. Entitlement to damages from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority has gradually changed over the last two decades. When I initially began practising in this area of… Read more »

Jul 31

Samuel McDevitt_clipped_rev_1

Cost of divorce set to increase by 30%

By Samuel McDevitt in Family / Divorce

The divorce process has always been fraught with expense and stress as ex spouses are forced to contend with the financial and emotional burden of the end of their marriage. Unfortunately this expense is set to increase by around a third as the Ministry of Justice announce plans to increase the cost of divorce by… Read more »

Jul 31


Freddie Starr loses defamation case

By Richard Yates in Uncategorized

High profile comedian Freddie Starr has lost his recent High Court slander and libel action against Ms Karin Ward whose allegations centred around the fact that he had groped her when she was aged 15, amongst other less severe allegations. Following the Crown Prosecution Service’s decision not to prosecute under criminal law, Starr issued a… Read more »

Jul 30


Corporate insolvency – director disqualification

By Rebecca Fairclough in Company Law and Procedure

The Director of a Blackburn restaurant and catering business has been disqualified for 6 years in connection with employing five illegal workers in contravention of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. Mohammed Nadeem Shafi, who has been a director of Gazal Sweets & Restaurant trading as Maida since December 2011, will be disqualified from… Read more »

Jul 30

Ian Brunt_clipped_rev_1

Ex wife receives entirety of financial assets following divorce

By Ian Brunt in Family / Divorce

In the latest high profile divorce settlement, the Court of Appeal has upheld the Family Court’s decision to award the entirety of the couple’s financial assets to the ex wife. The judge ordered that Enas Aly should receive the family’s £550,000 fortune following her ex spouse’s failure to respect the agreed maintenance orders. Although a… Read more »

Jul 29


North West businesses report rise in financial problems

By Rebecca Fairclough in Corporate Finance

Amidst the excitement of the Northern Powerhouse you’d be forgiven in thinking that things could only go from strength to strength for the North West business community. However the latest statistics released from Begbies Traynor’s Red Flag Alert proved that this was far from the case, revealing that a proportion of the region’s companies are… Read more »

Jul 28

Benefit cheat convicted under the Proceeds of Crime

By Sian Hall in Criminal Law

A woman convicted of benefit fraud amounting to £225,000 has been jailed for 32 months under the Proceeds of Crime Act. Rashpal Kaur was formally convicted of 22 offences involving the fraudulent claiming of state benefits in May 2012. Following her conviction the Sandwell Council Benefit Fraud Team conducted an extensive financial investigation into Kaur,… Read more »

Jul 27

Tom O'Neil_clipped_rev_1

Average UK house price surges past £200,000

By Tom O'Neill in Uncategorized

The increase in house prices is no new issue for buyers looking to get onto the property ladder. This year alone house prices have accelerated a monumental 9.6 percent, causing the average house price to surge past £200,000 for the first time. A short supply in properties for sale coupled with an increase in demand… Read more »

Jul 24


Top tips on being a successful buy to let landlord

By Ian Liddle in Property

Property investment has become one of the leading trends for budding investors since the buy to let mortgage was introduced in 1997. Since then the sector has enjoyed considerable growth with the demand for rental properties steadily increasing year upon year. Currently in Britain, there are more than two million buy to let investors who… Read more »

Jul 23

Two strikes policy introduced as knife crime rises

By Sian Hall in Criminal Law

The latest crime statistics released by the ONS reveal a shocking increase in knife crime across England and Wales. Over the past twelve months rates of knife crime have risen by 2 percent, the first increase in four years. Although this may seem relatively minor, when broken down this equates for a 13 percent increase… Read more »

Jul 22

Mark Skinner_clipped_rev_1

Hey, big spender…what do your spending habits reveal about you?

By Mark Skinner in Bankruptcy UK

Money, we all have our own individual habits just as we do in all aspects of daily life. Whilst some of us claim we simply aren’t ‘programmed to save’, others are able to hide the pennies away for a rainy day or something bigger. The University College London, in collaboration with the Open University and… Read more »

Jul 21

Rachel Harrison meet the team

Restrictive Covenants – are they enforceable?

By Rachel Harrison in Commercial Litigation

Often employers will include restrictive covenants within employment contracts, which seek to restrict their employee’s freedom to work for a competitor in the future. If the employee has held a position of responsibility and has had access to important information as part of their role, then their employer will want to try and restrict their… Read more »

Jul 20

Antonia Love_clipped_rev_1

Statistics reveal significant rise in divorce among over 45s

By Antonia Love in Divorce

Figures have been released by the Office for National Statistics detailing the latest divorce and cohabitation trends in England and Wales from 2002 to 2014. The results offer some fascinating insights into the change in cultural attitudes towards marriage that can be traced across all age groups. Most notable was the rise in divorce rates… Read more »

Jul 17

Operation Cross Bow reduces North West crime

By Sian Hall in Criminal Law

How to effectively tackle serious crime in the North West has been a question that has constantly plagued the region’s police forces. Illegal road activity between Cheshire and Merseyside in particular was highlighted as fundamental concern due to the link between the use of illegal vehicles and other serious organised crime. As a result the… Read more »

Jul 16

Des draper unclipped_clipped_rev_1

Medical guidelines issued on Duty of Candour

By Des Draper in Medical Negligence

Significant changes to guidelines are to be introduced across the medical profession requiring healthcare professionals to be honest with patients in the unfortunate event something goes wrong. In both the private and public sector under the new guidelines every health care professional will have a professional responsibility to inform patients when they come into complications… Read more »

Jul 15

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