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Government seeking to reduce legal costs for clinical negligence claims

By Gavin Hall in Medical Negligence

As part of yet another cost-reducing strategy, it appears that the Government is intending to introduce fixed fees for clinical negligence claims, much to the chagrin of legal professionals. Whilst plans continue to take shape, debate continues whether legal fees for such claims should have a formal limit implemented for claims of up to £100,000… Read more »

Aug 27

Victoria Mitchella_clipped_rev_1

6 simple steps to avoiding HR mishaps

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Business

As an employer dealing with the stress of employment tribunal claims typically makes up one of the more undesirable aspects of the role. This is hardly surprising when faced with the statistic that 90 percent of employers will in fact lose their claim due to failing to follow what is generally viewed as a ‘fair… Read more »

Aug 26

Kelly-Darlington meet the team

Pursuing personal injury claims against prison authorities and the state

By Kelly Darlington in Action Against the Police

Personal injury claims span a vast area law, varying in degree of complexity depending on the severity of injury sustained and the circumstances surrounding the incident. As a general principle cases typically follow the same legal framework; party A was negligent in their duty or behaviour which resulted in party B sustaining an injury. For… Read more »

Aug 21


I’m not allowed to see my grandchild, what are my legal rights?

By Barry Bunyan in Family / Divorce

The breakdown of a relationship is understandably a difficult and distressing time, especially where there are children to consider. Divorces involving children can be both highly emotive and complex, particularly in cases where the parties separate on acrimonious terms. In some cases ill feeling towards a former partner can extend towards their wider family, placing… Read more »

Aug 20

Victoria Mitchella_clipped_rev_1

The secret to managing the UK’s aging workforce

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Business

With the average retirement age set to increase six months year upon year, employers have been left to contend with the problems of an aging workforce. Research collected by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development revealed that businesses and employers are highly unprepared to deal with the task, with just 14 percent having a… Read more »

Aug 19

Nick Molyneux_clipped_rev_1

How to protect yourself from workplace hearing loss

By Nick Molyneux in Personal Injury

Health and safety in the workplace – we’ve all been subject to the lectures. Regardless of your occupation, your working environment, there will always be an element of risk involved. Exposure to harsh sounds and loud noise makes up one these risks, with prolonged or even just a single incident of exposure causing irreversible damage… Read more »

Aug 17


Latvia’s parliament challenge British adoption policies

By Clare Foster in Family / Divorce

The removal of a child from their biological parents is one of the most profound powers of the Family Court. A unique case involving the adoption of a Latvian girl in this country has raised a number of issues regarding how the Family Court determines what is in the best interests of a child. Latvia’s… Read more »

Aug 14

Angharad Bentley

Summer child care arrangement for separated parents

By Angharad Bentley in Family / Divorce

For children the summer holidays mean one thing – six weeks of freedom outside the rules and regulations of the classrooms. For parents on the other hand, although they relish the additional time they get to spend with their family finding suitable childcare arrangements can be nightmare. Whilst cohabiting parents may choose to divide child… Read more »

Aug 13

JDB Meet the Team

Warwickshire scout leader convicted of child sexual abuse

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

In the recent years we have witnessed a significant increase in the number of historic abuse cases involving various organisations and institutions. The latest of these trusted organisations to have their public image tarnished by reports of systemic abuse is the UK Scout Association. Former scout leader Anthony Ball was convicted by Warwick Crown Court… Read more »

Aug 12

Nicole Bridgmanmeet the team

Failings by Northumbria Police leave woman with permanent brain damage

By Nicole Bridgman in Action Against the Police

Serious failings by Northumbria Police resulted in a woman being left with permanent brain damage after officers mistook Hypoglycaemic attack for drunkenness. In September 2010, Northumbria Police arrested a woman on suspicion of being drunk in Heaton Park, Newcastle. The woman was actually suffering a hypoglycaemic attack caused by low sugar levels in her blood…. Read more »

Aug 11

Rachel Conroy 2_clipped_rev_1

Why don’t you have an LPA?

By Rachel Conroy in Wills Trusts and Probate

The subject of Lasting powers of attorney or LPAs as they are frequently referred is a topic many of us chose to willing shy away from. For the vast majority of us the prospect of drafting a will, or putting our affairs in order in case in an unforeseen event was to happen is a… Read more »

Aug 07

Kieran O'Connor_clipped_rev_1

Court of Appeal ruling broadens the rights of adult children to bring claims against a parent’s Estate

By Kieran OConnor in Wills Trusts and Probate

The Court of Appeal has made a landmark decision regarding the rights of disinherited children and the validity of their claims against their parent’s estate. The impact of the ruling will make it easier for children to lodge claims against; even in cases where they have been left out of the deceased will altogether. It… Read more »

Aug 06


Corporate insolvency – director disqualification

By Rebecca Fairclough in Company Law and Procedure

The Director of a Blackburn restaurant and catering business has been disqualified for 6 years in connection with employing five illegal workers in contravention of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006. Mohammed Nadeem Shafi, who has been a director of Gazal Sweets & Restaurant trading as Maida since December 2011, will be disqualified from… Read more »

Aug 05

Alex Singer_clipped_rev_1

The effect of uncertain or incomplete terms of a contract

By Alex Singer in Corporate Law

Under the law of contract formation, there can’t be a legally enforceable contract without each of the following key elements: Offer Acceptance Consideration Intention to create legal relations Certainty of the essential terms In the recent case of Kowalishin v Roberts and another, the High Court held that an investor that paid money to a… Read more »

Aug 04


Crowdfunding: Is it for me? What do I need to know?

By Charlotte Mills in Corporate Finance

In recent years, crowdfunding has become a popular way for businesses to raise much needed finance away from the more traditional sources. If you’re thinking about using it to raise cash, here are some things to bear in mind before you take the plunge: More often than not, crowdfunding is an equity give-away. Think Dragons’… Read more »

Aug 03

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