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Dealing with divorce – finding the resolution right for you

By Amy Price in Divorce

Divorce and separation can be difficult at the best of times, and people deal with the challenges of the situation very differently. One person may feel able to make good, long term decisions very quickly, whilst another person may need time before they are able to think clearly and plan for their changing future. Here… Read more »

Oct 06

Mark Skinner_clipped_rev_1

Level of unsecured debt has tripled among 17-24 year olds

By Mark Skinner in Bankruptcy UK

The number of young people struggling with unsecured debt has tripled since the global financial crisis, recent figures have revealed. According to figures from Citizens Advice, individuals aged 17-24 possess an average unsecured debt of £12,215 – a crippling amount for those just starting out on the career ladder. Levels of debt were shown to… Read more »

Oct 02

JDB Meet the Team

Victims of revenge porn entitled to pursue compensation

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

Social media is taking over our lives. There are over a billion monthly active users of Facebook. 500 million tweets are sent every day. The majority of posts and tweets are harmless and allow us to share humorous or mundane thoughts. As well as being a welcome distraction from the work piling up on your… Read more »

Oct 01

meet the team

Fed up of fighting? Try a conflict free divorce

By Amy Price in Children (family law)

Divorce is a process that few people undertake lightly. Many hours of thought and careful consideration precede an appointment with a solicitor to discuss the options available, and the best way forward. Many divorcing couples have no desire to engage in a “mud slinging” exercise involving detailed and specific allegations against the other. They often… Read more »

Oct 01

Des draper unclipped_clipped_rev_1

Variations in NHS healthcare are placing lives at risk

By Des Draper in Medical Negligence

The NHS Atlas of Variation, a report into service performance has highlighted shocking discrepancies in care throughout the nation. Published by NHS England and Public Health England, the analysis identified worrying differences in the diagnosis and treatment of serious health issues, including cancer and strokes. A key concern that emerged is how these variations of… Read more »

Sep 30

NHS Trust charged with corporate manslaughter

By Sian Hall in Business Crime

Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS have been charged with corporate manslaughter following the tragic death of a mother during an emergency Caesarean. A legal first for the NHS, the foundation now awaits trial under the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007. Never before has a public entity faced prosecution under the law. Why was… Read more »

Sep 29

Nick Molyneux_clipped_rev_1

Alarming rates of injuries calls for change in rugby union rules

By Nick Molyneux in Personal Injury

Rugby has dominated the sport headlines as of late as we get further in to the World Cup. There is no denying the games popularity as it quickly finds itself becoming one of the fastest growing sports, with over two and half million players worldwide from grassroots to professional level. Amidst the excitement, there has been… Read more »

Sep 28

meet the team

Moving forward from divorce with Collaborative Law

By Amy Price in Children (family law)

Divorce is recognised as one of the most stressful and traumatic life events. The legal aspect of the separation can be lengthy, complex and expensive with potential for one party to be highly critical of the other. The attitude and approach of the other party can be frustrating and often impacts on the costs and… Read more »

Sep 24


Have you planned for an unhappy future?

By Charlotte Mills in Business / Share Transfers

Death and sickness. Not the cheeriest subject to discuss over the boardroom table, but they’re certainly not things to put your head in the sand over. Many SMEs are owned by a few key individuals. Have you considered what would happen if one of those owners (whether that’s you or one of your colleagues) were… Read more »

Sep 24

JDB Meet the Team

Couple awarded £20,000 damages following unlawful removal of children

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

A judgement was handed down this week by a Deputy High Court Judge Sir Robert Francis QC in the case of Williams and Anon –v- London Borough of Hackney. In this case a husband and wife took the local authority to court for wrongly placing their 8 children in foster care. The council felt that… Read more »

Sep 23

Antonia Love_clipped_rev_1

The ‘Better Apart’ marriage – parenting after divorce

By Antonia Love in Divorce

High profile divorces are nothing new with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner sadly being the latest to join the ranks of the divorced after ten years of marriage. Following in the footsteps of Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow – famous advocates of conscious uncoupling – they announced their separation, but made it clear they would… Read more »

Sep 22

JDB Meet the Team

Greater Manchester launches child sexual exploitation campaign

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

Today marks the start of Greater Manchester’s week-long campaign ‘It’s not OKAY’, aimed at bringing those guilty of child sexual exploitation to justice. The campaign, led by Greater Manchester Police and a number of partner agencies aims to tackle the rising problem of sexual abuse among vulnerable children and young adults. The problem that child… Read more »

Sep 21

Victoria Mitchella_clipped_rev_1

The secret to fair recruitment – promoting equality and diversity

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Business

Recruiting the right talent is instrumental to the success of any business. Yet despite its importance, the selection process itself remains some what of a challenge for many organisations. With no set format as to how to choose the right candidate, employers are at risk of falling on the wrong side of employment law, unintentionally… Read more »

Sep 17

JDB Meet the Team

CICA delays can prove fatal in abuse claims

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

Claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme as a result of abuse have always been complex. As a department we specialise in such claims and have had notable successes where clients have recovered significant sums of money as a result of abuse suffered decades earlier. The problem we used to face with the scheme was… Read more »

Sep 16

Stephen Greenwood_clipped_rev_1

Important Consumer Law changes – what businesses need to know

By Stephen Greenwood in Solicitors for Business

On 1 October 2015 a number of important changes are being made to consumer law. Businesses that deal with consumers need to be prepared for the following: 1. In addition to the existing statutory terms that are implied into contracts for the sale of goods to consumers, such as a warranty that goods are of… Read more »

Sep 15

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