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Victoria Mitchella_clipped_rev_1

Hundreds lose jobs as North West company collapses

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Employees

Manchester haulage company Deben Transport has announced the cut of 200 jobs after being rescued from administration just two years ago. It is understood that the redundancies have been implemented across all of Deben’s sites, 50 of which have been lost solely at the Manchester base. The collapse has been attributed to the purchase of… Read more »

Apr 17


Top tips on moving commercial property

By Ian Liddle in Commercial Property

There’s little doubt that moving house is one of the most stressful experiences for a family. But arguably, the process is even more difficult when you are moving to leased business premises. By following these five easy steps you can make moving commercial property work in your favour. Limit your exposure to Rent Deposits and… Read more »

Apr 16


Van der Garde case illustrates a need for further protection of the rights of sports stars

By Richard Yates in Sports & Media Law

Giedo Van der Garde, a Dutch Formula One (F1) driver has recently succeeded in an action against the Swiss Sauber Racing Team for breach of contract. Van der Garde had been promised a contract to drive for Sauber during the 2015 racing season but during November 2014 Sauber reneged on that earlier agreement and offered… Read more »

Apr 15

Ian Brunt_clipped_rev_1

How stressful divorce proceedings could be hurting your child’s health

By Ian Brunt in Family / Divorce

For many separating couples, the breakdown of a relationship or marriage is characterised as a highly distressing period in their lives filled with emotional instability and financial uncertainty. Inevitably these stresses and worries infiltrate into all aspects of your home life, impacting on all parties involved including children. Previously, there have been numerous studies into… Read more »

Apr 14

Nick Molyneux_clipped_rev_1

The importance of wearing a seatbelt

By Nick Molyneux in Car Accident Claims

The beautiful weather we have been having of late means that more of us are getting out and about to enjoy the beautiful delights of our Lancashire countryside, and rightfully so. The nights are lighter and the days are longer. However, just because the sun is shining down on us does not mean that any… Read more »

Apr 13


Conscious uncoupling – 4 reasons parents should consider collaborative law

By Barry Bunyan in Family Law

There has been much media attention to Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘conscious uncoupling’. More recently it has been reported that they took a joint holiday to Mexico with their children, Apple and Moses. This demonstrates that they have been able to continue to work together irrespective of what has happened in their own relationship… Read more »

Apr 10


Small businesses make big push for the UK’s recovery

By Richard Yates in Solicitors for Business

The green shoots of recovery can be seen in the fields of small businesses. In the last year, small businesses have increased their workforce, turnovers and profits. Better still, the optimistic trend is forecasted to continue into the next 12 months. The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills conducted a poll with over 4,000 small… Read more »

Apr 09


Anti-Doping decision highlights risks involved to athletes in taking supplements

By Richard Yates in Sports & Media Law

The January 2015 decision of the National Anti-Doping Panel relating to Welsh athletes Rhys Williams and Gareth Warburton has highlighted the modern day risks posed to athletes by taking nutritional supplements. Williams and Warburton received bans of 4 months and 6 months respectively after their urine samples provided during the 2014 Summer Season had contained… Read more »

Apr 08

Nicole Bridgmanmeet the team

Inquest reveals numerous failings of public authorities

By Nicole Bridgman in Action Against the Police

The Inquest into the death of Bogdan Wilk was one of the first Inquest cases I had a chance to experience during my time at Farleys. I recall the issues of the Inquest clearly and of course, the result. I co-wrote an article which featured in the Inquest Law magazine in December 2012 focussing on the… Read more »

Apr 07

Des draper unclipped_clipped_rev_1

Ombudsman report highlights serious failings in Greater Manchester health care

By Des Draper in Medical Negligence

A recent incident that occurred in Greater Manchester has highlighted the severity of instances of medical negligence after a woman was found dead following a gross error on her doctor’s behalf. An ombudsman’s report into the incident revealed a series of misgivings as the doctor’s conduct fell way below the accepted standard of care. In… Read more »

Apr 02

600% increase in court fee costs limiting justice for all?

By Gavin Hall in Uncategorized

New Government ‘reforms’ have recently come into effect resulting in up to a 600% increase in the costs of bringing a case to court. Smaller value claims below £10000 remain unchanged; but claims valued between £10000 to £199000 will have a fixed fee of 5%. Causing great alarm amongst the legal profession, the changes have… Read more »

Apr 01

Laura Murphy_clipped_rev_1

A little bit of good news for Mesothelioma sufferers……

By Laura Murphy in Personal Injury

Those unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with the deadly disease, Mesothelioma, on or after 25th July 2012, as a result of exposure to asbestos either negligently or through the breach of statutory duty of their employers are eligible to apply for compensation under the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme if the liable employer or insurer cannot… Read more »

Mar 31

Nick Molyneux_clipped_rev_1

Report sets out plan to help sufferers of hearing loss

By Nick Molyneux in Personal Injury

Hearing loss has become a widespread health concern affecting all age groups, costing the NHS an estimated £450 million a year. A new report into hearing loss commissioned by a number of health organisations has identified multiple health and social issues attached to the condition, setting out a number of objectives targeted at improving support… Read more »

Mar 30

Victoria Mitchella_clipped_rev_1

5th & 6th April 2015 -Changes to statutory payments and compensation limits

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Business

Employers need to be ready for a number of changes on 5th and 6th April 2015 including increases to statutory payments and compensation limits. 1. Shared Parental Leave and Pay – 5th April 2015  Described as one of the “yuckiest, most horrible laws ever” and “the most complex sets of regulations” the right to shared… Read more »

Mar 27

JDB Meet the Team

Stone Cross abuse victim recovers £95,000

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

Farleys accepted instructions from client W in a claim as a result of abuse suffered during the 1970’s at Stonecross School. The abuse claims department here at Farleys has already successfully acted for various other Claimants in relation to abuse by a former employee of the school, but this was the biggest settlement so far… Read more »

Mar 26

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