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Jonathan Bridge

Farleys instructed by victims of Teeside Sex Abuse

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

Over the last few months we have received various enquiries from the Teesside area for victims of historic child sex abuse. Having been heavily involved in representing victims of the Rochdale abuse scandal I have seen worrying similarities in the cases that we have received from Teesside.   The children involved are vulnerable.   They are befriended,… Read more »

Oct 26

Charlotte Mills

Warning to those using cold calling

By Charlotte Mills in Corporate Law

Although regulations governing the use of cold calling have recently changed to make it easier for the Information Commissioner (ICO) to clamp down on organisations that make nuisance calls, the Government has announced plans to allow the ICO to take action against company bosses too. Currently, only businesses can be fined where there is a… Read more »

Oct 25

Clare Foster

Happy 25th Birthday to the Children Act

By Clare Foster in Children (family law)

The Children Act was implemented on the 14th October 1989 and came into force in on the same date in 1991. This was a significant piece of legislation for children and families bringing together other statutes into one main Act. Twenty five years on the Children Act 1989 is still going strong and it has… Read more »

Oct 24

Katie Fox

Ex-Police chief found guilty of child sex abuse

By Katie Fox in Abuse Claims

On Friday 21st October 2016 it was reported that Gordon Anglesea, 79 from Old Colwyn has been convicted of one charge of indecent assault against one boy, and three charges of indecent assault against another. The trail, which has taken place at Mold Crown Court found Anglesea not guilty of an alternative charge of serious… Read more »

Oct 24

Richard Yates

How do I know if I have a Professional Negligence Claim?

By Richard Yates in Professional Negligence Claim

We have seen an increased reliance upon professional advice over the last 5 years and as a direct consequence of this, the number of claims being made against such advisors in professional negligence has also rocketed. In order to bring a successful claim in professional negligence there are a number of requirements. These include a… Read more »

Oct 20

Jill Newton

Renewed calls for public inquiry following rise of prison violence and suicides after fatal stabbing at HMP Pentonville

By Jillian Newton in Inquests

A prisoner has died and two others are said to be in a critical condition following a stabbing at HMP Pentonville on Tuesday afternoon. National media has reported that two prisoners, aged 34 and 26, have been arrested following the incident and police have launched a murder investigation. As a result of this the Prison Governors Association… Read more »

Oct 19

Sally Eastwood

Travis Perkins says 600 jobs at risk amid branch closures

By Sally Eastwood in Employment for Employees

Are you at risk of redundancy?  Things to consider… It has today been reported by the BBC that Travis Perkins, one of the UK’s largest builders merchants, is closing 30 branches meaning 600 jobs will be at risk of redundancy. Travis Perkins have reported that profits are lower than expected this year due to weak… Read more »

Oct 19

Barry Bunyan

Sorting Out Separation

By Barry Bunyan in Family / Divorce

Separation and divorce is a daunting experience, more so where there are also children to consider.  It is impossible to sort everything out at once, a bit like revision, you need to be able to break things down in to manageable objectives and to be able to prioritise those objectives in order to find the… Read more »

Oct 19

Dan Draper

Minority Shareholder Claims and Boardroom Disputes

By Daniel Draper in Commercial Litigation

You’re part owner of a company and just because you have less than 49% of the shares, you have no say right? Well, in Company Law, a minority shareholder does have limited influence over the management of their company but you can take steps to protect yourself and you do have rights if the decision… Read more »

Oct 18

Des Draper

New Compensation Scheme for Birth Injuries

By Des Draper in Medical Negligence

The Government has announced a new compensation scheme for parents in England whose children have been injured at birth. ‘Rapid Resolution and Redress’ will investigate the ‘avoidable’ 500 cases of birth injury per year in England, and is being introduced with the intention of allowing medical staff to speak more openly about failings in maternity… Read more »

Oct 17

Danielle Reeve

Landmark Ruling for Non-Disclosure of Assets

By Danielle Reeve in Family / Divorce

A Court of Appeal judgement has today made a landmark ruling in the discovery of hidden assets; the first to deal with the issue after one of the parties has passed away. This judgement echoes the Supreme Court’s rulings last year in the cases of Gohil –v– Gohil and Sharland –v– Sharland that it will… Read more »

Oct 17

Mark Skinner

Bankruptcy and IVA’s – the differences

By Mark Skinner in Bankruptcy UK

IVA’s are commonly seen as an alternative to bankruptcy but, what are the major differences?  Put simply, to enter into bankruptcy or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) the debtor has to be insolvent. Insolvent simply means not being able to pay your debts once they are due. Here I look at the differences between the… Read more »

Oct 14

Richard Yates

When is a Commercial Payment Deemed Late?

By Richard Yates in Debt Recovery

Interest and late payment charges can be claimed on an invoice in circumstances where a customer is late in paying for either goods or services. The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 governs such scenarios and seeks to compensate innocent creditors for the late payment of debts whilst also seeking to deter debtors… Read more »

Oct 13

Paul Corrigan

Reports of child and adult rape on the rise in Lancashire

By Paul Corrigan in Abuse Claims

It has been reported in the news today that there has been a significant increase in allegations of both child and adult rape in Lancashire, with figures hitting a five year high. Figures released by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary show that from March 2014 to March 2015, 336 children and 492 adults reported that… Read more »

Oct 13

Kieran O'Connor

Rise in Children Contesting Parents’ Wills

By Kieran OConnor in Wills Trusts and Probate

Inheritance disputes are in the news again, with a recent article in The Times showing a rising number of inheritance challenges, with a record number of 116 cases of children disputing parents’ estates in the High Court in 2015, and plenty more being settled outside of Court. A rise in property prices is being attributed… Read more »

Oct 12

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