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Helen Brooks

The Effect of Social Media in Family Proceedings

By Helen Brooks in Family / Divorce

It is pretty much accepted that social media plays a huge part in most people’s lives these days. For some people, checking their Facebook/Twitter accounts is as natural as reading the morning paper. You may not be surprised to learn that more and more references to social media are being made in court documents. For… Read more »

Jul 25

Where there’s a Will

By Rachel Harrison in Wills Trusts and Probate

It goes without saying that when a family member has sadly passed away, the impact upon relatives and friends can be tremendous. Aside from the emotional grief there are lots of things for family members to think about and take action on. When combining these factors it’s easy to see how stressful and traumatic post-death… Read more »

Jul 25

Nicola Rushton

Mum awarded £300,000 property after partner refused to marry her

By Nicola Rushton in Family / Divorce

Earlier this week mother of three Kirsty Cahill was awarded the profits from her ex-partners property who refused to marry her ‘in case someone better came along”. Ms Cahill, 33 met her ex-partner Stephen Farrer while still at school and spent much of her adult life financially dependent on him. ‘If something happened to Stephen,… Read more »

Jul 22


Ironman: In Shallow Water

By Michael Corrigan in Personal Injury

Farleys Solicitors has been instructed to act on behalf of a competitor in a recent Ironman event. Ironman events are notoriously difficult and often push the body to its limit by enduring a long distance triathlon. They are considered one of the hardest events in the world and come with a strict 17 hour time… Read more »

Jul 21

Court Fees Set to Rise

By Rachel Harrison in Commercial Litigation

Court fees are set to rise again following a decision made by the House of Lords last night. The House of Lords approved The Civil Proceedings, First-tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal and Employment Tribunals Fees (Amendment) Order 2016 The fee increases come into effect on Monday 25th July 2016. Whilst many Court fees to issue new claims… Read more »

Jul 21

Kieran O'Connor

5 Ways to Avoid Property Disputes

By Kieran OConnor in Commercial Litigation

They do say a man’s home is his castle, and it seems that war can easily break out if in any way the castle walls are breached. It seems that more and more often neighbours are falling out over building works, boundary fences, hedges and rights of way. Disputes this close to home can be… Read more »

Jul 20

Sally Eastwood

How to comply with the Data Protection Act

By Sally Eastwood in Employment for Business

Employers inevitably obtain large amounts of personal data from their employees and job applicants. The Data Protection Act 1998 imposes a wide range of obligations on the employer as to how this information is collected, handled and used as well giving the employee rights to access the information and remedies if something goes wrong. By… Read more »

Jul 19

Mark Skinner

Can the Elderly Struggle with Debt?

By Mark Skinner in Debt Advice

Age UK, the national charity for elderly people in Britain has recently stated that over 1 in 50 people in their 70’s has a problem with debt. A lot of focus within the debt advice industry is around debt attached to people of a working age or certainly people under retirement age, there has never… Read more »

Jul 18

Judge Robby the Robot Presiding

By Barry Bunyan in Family / Divorce

In the Netherlands, couples have access to a site established by the Dutch Legal Aid Board to help them negotiate a divorce settlement, child arrangements and child support.  The site is known as Rechtwijzer, which can be translated as ‘conflict resolution guide’ or ‘signpost to justice’.  It was established in 2007 and upgraded to version… Read more »

Jul 15

Kendall House Girls Abused

By Paul Corrigan in Abuse Claims

In the media today it is widely reported that vulnerable girls living at a “frightening and violent” Church of England Children’s home were heavily drugged and subjected to sexual and physical abuse. An independent review has revealed that at Kendall House in Gravesend, Kent, girls as young as 11 were regularly subjected to a cocktail… Read more »

Jul 15

Sally Eastwood

Top Tips to Improve Employee Engagement and Motivation

By Sally Eastwood in Employment for Business

Staff retention relates to an employer’s steps to manage staff turnover and retain valuable members of staff. If a business is unable to retain staff, it can experience a number of negative consequences including the recruitment costs of replacing staff and paying temporary agency fees and the pressure that is placed on existing staff when… Read more »

Jul 13

Mark Skinner

Rent-to-own Firms Found Selling to Vulnerable People

By Mark Skinner in Debt Advice

Following on from my article last week in relation to the interaction between mental health and financial difficulties/debt the Citizens Advice Bureau have highlighted a specific problem in this area. Rent-to-own Rent-to-own companies are often used by people who cannot afford or get ‘normal’ credit. Customers take out a contract to buy a product and… Read more »

Jul 12

Richard Yates

Top 5 Tips to Avoid and Resolve Commercial Disputes

By Richard Yates in Commercial Litigation

Commercial disputes can be painfully expensive, stressful and hugely damaging for any business. Settling a commercial dispute at an early stage can save a business a considerable amount of money, time and energy. Avoiding a commercial dispute in the first place is even more preferable and the tips outlined below go some way to advising… Read more »

Jul 11

Are you aware of the Stamp Duty Change?

By Antonia Love in Family / Divorce

Don’t worry because here is all you need to know. As of 1st April 2016 higher SDLT rates will apply to additional residential properties purchased in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on or after that date. The higher rates will be 3 percentage points above the current SDLT residential rates and only apply if the… Read more »

Jul 08

Sally Eastwood

Does an Employee’s Willingness to Negotiate a Termination Package Prevent a Constructive Dismissal Claim?

By Sally Eastwood in Employment for Business

In the recent case of Gibbs v Leeds United Football Club Limited, the High Court considered this question. The High Court had to decide whether Mr Gibbs was constructively dismissed due to a fundamental breach of contract by the Club or whether Mr Gibbs chose to go without any such breach. By way of background, Mr… Read more »

Jul 07

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