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Donna Jackson

4 things to remember when buying a listed property

By Donna Jackson in Property

It’s easy to fall in love with an old building in Britain, but for those who seize the opportunity of owning a historic home there is a word that strikes fear and joy in their hearts – listed. Buying a listed building is something that should be thought about deeply as there are strict rules… Read more »

Aug 23

Victoria Mitchell

Settlement Agreements and Taxation Changes

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Business

HM Revenue & Customs has published draft legislation changing the taxation of termination payments. At present, this in intended to come into force in April 2018. It would appear the main changes are likely to be:- To make all PILONs (payments in lieu of notice) taxable, even if they are non-contractual To require payment of… Read more »

Aug 22

Sam Mcdevitt

Will you…move in with me?

By Samuel McDevitt in Family / Divorce

Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics have revealed the continued decline in the sanctity of marriage. In 2002, married people amounted to 54.8% of the population aged 16 and over whilst in 2015 it had dropped to 50.6% of the population aged 16 and over. These figures coincide with the rise in unmarried… Read more »

Aug 19

Kelly Darlington

Inquest into the death of Nicholas Sullivan

By Kelly Darlington in Inquests

The inquest into the death of Nicholas Sullivan concluded on 17th August 2016. The inquest was heard by HM Senior Coroner for Manchester (City) Area, Nigel Meadows. Nicholas, known by his family as “Nicky” died on 30th November 2014 having run across a carriageway in North Manchester. He was hit by an oncoming vehicle. Nicky… Read more »

Aug 19

Jill Newton

Inquests denied whilst in detention

By Jillian Newton in Inquests

A recent report commissioned by NHS England and discussed by The Health Service Journal suggests that hundreds of patients, who died, whilst being detained under the Mental Health Act 1983, may have been denied inquests. The main issue here is that all deaths in state detention, whether that is within the initial stages at police… Read more »

Aug 18

Victoria Mitchell

Gender Pay Gap Reporting Imminent

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Business

It would seem highly likely that the Government intends to press ahead with the gender pay gap reporting obligations. A commencement order has been published that brings s.78 of the Equality Act 2010 into force on 22 August 2016. This is the provision enabling Regulations to be made requiring employers with more than 250 employees to… Read more »

Aug 17

Angharad Bentley

Financial provision for children upon separation

By Angharad Bentley in Family / Divorce

Often upon separation, a parent with the majority of the care of their child or children believes that the only way to secure some financial support from the other parent is by contacting the Child Maintenance Service (CMS).  However, if the other parent’s income is over and above the award that the CMS can make… Read more »

Aug 16

Jill Newton

Ex-Aston Villa footballer dead after being tasered by police

By Jillian Newton in Action Against the Police

It has been sadly reported this morning that former Aston Villa footballer Dalian Atkinson has died after being tasered by police close to his home in Telford. Full details of this incident have not yet been released, however, shortly after 1.30am this morning (15.08.2016) West Mercia police confirmed that officers fired a taser at a… Read more »

Aug 15

Rachel Bateson

6 reasons to make a will in your 20s

By Rachel Bateson in Wills Trusts and Probate

Making a will is commonly seen as something to do later in life. Whatever your age – you should have a Will and here are 6 good reasons why.   Social Media Most people in their 20’s have grown up in the digital era; they’ve lived on Facebook since it first began and most of their… Read more »

Aug 12

Jonathan Bridge

Record damages pay out for Misuse of Private Information

By Jonathan Bridge in Claims Against the Police

An unnamed woman has today been awarded £75,000 in damages from Greater Manchester Police after it revealed details of her treatment by a former boyfriend without her consent. She had agreed to GMP referring to her experience in a training session provided that she remained anonymous.   Instead GMP revealed her true identity and medical history… Read more »

Aug 11

Dan Draper

Ed Sheeran Sued In Copyright Case

By Daniel Draper in Media and Entertainment Law

It was reported yesterday that Ed Sheeran is facing a new copyright case, accused of copying elements of Marvin Gaye’s hit ‘Let’s Get It On’. The family of Ed Townsend, who co-wrote ‘Let’s Get It On’ with Marvin Gaye, claimed that Ed Sheeran’s track ‘Thinking Out Loud’ has similar melodic and rhythmic elements as the… Read more »

Aug 11

Laura Hastewell

What is the difference between an arranged and a forced marriage?

By Laura Hastewell in Family / Divorce

The answer is simple, full and free consent. A forced marriage should not be confused with an arranged marriage.  Arranged marriages are accepted in many communities.  Although the parties to the marriage may not have chosen their future partner, they enter the marriage willingly and freely, both parties involved have the final say and can… Read more »

Aug 10

Sally Eastwood

A guide to Settlement Agreements

By Sally Eastwood in Employment for Employees

Settlement agreements (previously known as compromise agreements) are widely used by employers as a method of settling any employment claims that an employee may have against their business. Entering into a settlement agreement is often attractive for both parties as it provides certainty, resolves the dispute and allows both parties to move on.  It is… Read more »

Aug 09

Ian Liddle

Breaking up is getting harder to do…

By Ian Liddle in Commercial Property

The High Court handed down another significant break clause judgment last week, in relation to the test of vacant possession and the need to remove chattels (moveable property). A break clause can be included in a lease allowing either the tenant or landlord to terminate the lease early.  Depending on how it has been drafted,… Read more »

Aug 05

Paul Corrigan

Child Sex Abuse Inquiry – Where now?

By Paul Corrigan in Abuse Claims

The Investigation, better known as the Goddard Inquiry, was set up in March 2015 chaired by New Zealand’s High Court Judge Dame Lowell Goddard to examine claims made against public and private institutions. The Goddard inquiry was to explore child sexual abuse allegations made against local authorities, religious organisations, the armed forces and public and… Read more »

Aug 05

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