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Antonia Love_clipped_rev_1

And the wait continues…….

By Antonia Love in Family / Divorce

Headlines have been made in recent weeks following the Supreme Court’s consideration of two previously settled divorce cases in which both women claim the Courts were misled as to the full extent of their Husbands’ financial assets. Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil are awaiting the outcome of their appeal against their settlements on the grounds… Read more »

Jul 03


Manchester & Liverpool forecast highest rates of employment growth

By Charlotte Mills in Corporate Law

In recent months the phrase Northern Powerhouse has been passed excitedly around the North West business community. This buzz would appear to be well founded as a recent study conducted by Oxford Economics revealed Manchester and Liverpool’s job creation will overtake that in leading international cities. The report, which undertakes an in-depth analysis of the… Read more »

Jul 02

Victoria Mitchella_clipped_rev_1

The great British summer – a guide to managing staff absence

By Victoria Mitchell in Employment for Business

With Wimbledon beginning this week, concerns have already begun to circulate on the employment circuit regarding how the prestigious tennis tournament could affect workplace absence. It is believed that if Andy Murray, previous title winner and world number 3 makes it to the final, it could cost the UK economy £3.2billion as fans take unauthorised… Read more »

Jul 01

Sally Eastwood_clipped_rev_1

Employee smelling of alcohol unfairly dismissed

By Sally Eastwood in Employment for Business

Many employers will assume that there may be grounds for dismissal when an employee attends work smelling of alcohol. However, in the recent case of McElory v Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, an Employment Tribunal has held that the dismissal of an employee without notice after attending work smelling of alcohol was unfair. The employee,… Read more »

Jun 30

Alex Singer_clipped_rev_1

Three steps for a successful sale of your business

By Alex Singer in Business / Share Transfers

Manchester has been labelled as a northern powerhouse, central to the continued growth of the economy outside of London. It is anticipated that cheaper rent on commercial property in Manchester will result in the migration of a number of businesses from London, as Manchester continues to establish itself as a thriving business district. Yet notwithstanding… Read more »

Jun 25

Des draper unclipped_clipped_rev_1

Stepping Hill enforce new patient safety procedures

By Des Draper in Medical Negligence

In light of the Stepping Hill Hospital murders, perhaps one of the most shocking cases of medical negligence in the recent years it has been announced that new patient safety measures have been implemented at the Stockport NHS Foundation Trust. The case highlighted the need for stricter regulations in relation to the vetting of medical… Read more »

Jun 24

JDB Meet the Team

Help for children who have been neglected

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

Michael Gove today gave his first speech after being appointed Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, the full contents of which can be viewed here. The legal profession are awaiting with some trepidation Mr Gove’s tenure as Justice Secretary. He will face many challenges not least reform of Human Rights legislation. I have… Read more »

Jun 23


Cohabiting couples – what are your legal rights?

By Barry Bunyan in Family / Divorce

Research released by the Office for National Statistics reveals that there is a growing trend in the number of couples choosing to cohabit, increasing to over 3 million in the past year. Whether this is due to a cultural shift in attitudes or simply due to the expense attached to tying the knot, couples must… Read more »

Jun 22

JDB Meet the Team

Reports of child abuse rise sharply

By Jonathan Bridge in Abuse Claims

The NSPCC have today reported that the number of recorded sexual offences against children in England and Wales has risen by a third. In the year up to April 2014 there was an increase in the number of reported offences rising by 8,500 to a total level of 31,000. In our specialist Abuse Department at… Read more »

Jun 17

The role of digital technology in criminal prosecutions

By Sian Hall in Criminal Law

With the development of smart phones and digital technology the criminal courts have witnessed a rise in mobile forensic evidence to substantiate a case against the defendant. Whilst the utilisation of telephone data has been welcomed by the criminal court there are a number of practical implications to consider when relying upon digital evidence. Mobile… Read more »

Jun 16

Rhian Lowe

Accidents at work – do you know your rights?

By Rhian Lowe in Personal Injury

According to the Health and Safety Executive’s annual safety statistics for 2013/14 • 133 workers were killed at work • 78,000 injuries to employees wetwre reported • 1.2 million people suffered from a work-related illness Unfortunately, what the above figures reveal is that many employees are not being properly protected whilst at work. However, as… Read more »

Jun 15


Report dispels myth that UK family courts are biased to mothers

By Barry Bunyan in Family / Divorce

The common myth that family courts have a tendency to rule in favour of mothers has been discredited by a study conducted by the University of Warwick. The report into whether there is any gender bias within English and Welsh Courts reviewed 200 case files. Among various findings it concluded that contact applications put forward… Read more »

Jun 12

Nick Molyneux_clipped_rev_1

Occupational skin cancer – a growing concern

By Nick Molyneux in Accidents at Work

The great British summer (or lack of) is a long standing joke amongst many of us as we hold out for an optimistic week or two of sunshine each year. When the sun does appear, many of us forget that caution still needs to be employed to protect the skin against the damage caused by… Read more »

Jun 11

How are changes to the criminal justice system set to impact young offenders?

By Sian Hall in Criminal Law

Youth crime and criminal justice are two topics that consistently reappear in the media, as questions are constantly raised about the appropriate measures that must be taken to reduce the rate of youth crime and reoffending. The landscape of criminality in the English and Welsh Justice system has changed dramatically in the recent years, although… Read more »

Jun 10


Figures show there has never been a better time to be involved in English football

By Richard Yates in Sports & Media Law

Recent figures released by Deloitte in its annual football finance review have illustrated that there has never been a more lucrative time to be involved in English football – especially at the Premier League level. This news came as Deloitte released figures which illustrated English Premier League Clubs achieved record revenues and profits during the… Read more »

Jun 09

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