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Nick Molyneux_clipped_rev_1

Cheshire company fined over Asbestos exposure

By Nick Molyneux in Personal Injury

A Cheshire company has been fined £22,400 after exposing pupils, teachers and workers to deadly asbestos material whilst conducting repairs at the Newmarket College School, Suffolk. Labform, the specialist laboratory design company, were found to have violated health regulations after failing to arrange a detailed Demolition Asbestos Survey following the discovery of asbestos corrupted material… Read more »

May 29

Stephen Greenwood_clipped_rev_1

Protecting a Community Asset

By Stephen Greenwood in Commercial Litigation

Important buildings are at the centre of many communities. The most obvious example is the village pub which has been under threat for many years. We frequently receive calls asking what can be done to protect these important community assets however the call often comes too late. If you believe a building needs protecting then… Read more »

May 28

Ian Brunt_clipped_rev_1

New pension freedoms may enable embittered former spouses to undermine divorce settlement orders

By Ian Brunt in Divorce

The introduction of new pension freedoms have been welcomed by many, with over 55’s now granted access to their pension pot altering the way individuals can spend their pension fund. Amidst the numerous benefits, these radical reforms have the potential to cause a great deal of damage to orders made in the family courts to… Read more »

May 27

Rhian Lowe

5 things you need to know about noise induced hearing loss claims

By Rhian Lowe in Personal Injury

The number of people pursuing compensation claims for noise induced hearing loss or industrial deafness has soared in the recent years, with an estimated 18, 000 individuals currently suffering with noise induced hearing loss due to inadequate working conditions. Noise induced hearing loss can have a devastating impact on individuals’ lives. The number of people… Read more »

May 26


Landmark fines shelled out to banks in Foreign Exchange Market Rate Fixes

By Richard Yates in Commercial Litigation

We published a blog last year in relation to the foreign exchange market (Forex) banking scandal. This has been described in some quarters as the latest banking scandal since PPI, Swaps and Libor. A large onset of litigation is now expected against five major banks amongst others following last year’s decision by the Financial Conduct… Read more »

May 22

JDB Meet the Team

Hampshire Police failings – the Human Rights Act

By Jonathan Bridge in Action Against the Police

It is widely reported today that a rape victim in Hampshire has been awarded £20,000.00 damages by Hampshire Constabulary because of failings in their investigation following her rape ordeal. The victim who was just 17 at the time of the incident was told by the Police that she was lying about the attack and falsely accused… Read more »

May 22

Rhian Lowe

Action for Brain Injury Week

By Rhian Lowe in Personal Injury

Monday saw the beginning of the Action for Brain Injury Week led by the charity Child Brain Injury Trust. The week long campaign was created to raise national awareness of the traumatic effect of brain injuries and their impact upon childhood development. This year’s UK wide campaign will see the attention turned on ‘unsung heroes’,… Read more »

May 21

Des draper unclipped_clipped_rev_1

Birth injury case highlights severity of medical negligence

By Des Draper in Medical Negligence

A tragic headline drew my attention this week that highlighted the severity of medical negligence cases and the devastating impact they can have on victims and their families’ lives. In this particularly sombre case, a 22 year old woman suffered severe brain damage due to a number of serious faults committed by the Royal Salford… Read more »

May 20

Des draper unclipped_clipped_rev_1

Medical negligence claims against Stepping Hill Hospital begin

By Des Draper in Medical Negligence

It was today announced that the Stepping Hill Nurse responsible for the poisoning of patients in the care of The Stockport NHS Foundation Trust will face a 35 year prison sentence without the option of parole. The disturbing case of the Stepping Hill poisoning generated much publicity when first brought to attention in July 2011… Read more »

May 20

Alex Singer_clipped_rev_1

How the Consumer Rights Act 2015 is set to affect your company

By Alex Singer in Company Law and Procedure

From 1 October 2015, the new Consumer Rights Act 2015 (Act) will change the rules relating to the supply of goods, services and digital content for contracts made from that date. The Act reforms and consolidates much of consumer law in the UK and is the most extensive change in consumer law in the UK… Read more »

May 19

Sally Eastwood_clipped_rev_1

Managing employee grievances following disciplinary proceedings

By Sally Eastwood in Employment for Business

Employees often raise a grievance after an employer commences a disciplinary process against them. Employees may choose to do this in an attempt to protect their position and delay the disciplinary process. This leaves the employer with a difficult decision; either postpone the disciplinary process pending the outcome of the grievance process or carry on… Read more »

May 18


QPR challenge the legality of football league financial fair play rules

By Richard Yates in Solicitors for Business

The Football League FFP Regulations came into force in 2012 with the ultimate aim of reducing the levels of losses being incurred at football clubs and preventing them from spending more than they are earning. There are some potential loopholes for clubs in that losses relating to stadia investment and youth infrastructural investment can be… Read more »

May 15

Angharad Bentley

Gay couple succeed in High Court battle for baby girl

By Angharad Bentley in Family / Divorce

Last week Ms Justice Russell sitting in the High Court had to determine arrangements for a child conceived following a surrogacy agreement, the terms of which were intensely contested. An application was made jointly by the child’s father, identified in the case only as H, with his partner known as B. The application was for… Read more »

May 14

Alex Singer_clipped_rev_1

Pension freedoms create rise in senior start-ups

By Alex Singer in Corporate Law

We recently reported on the increase in the number of under 35’s starting their own business following the recession. New research suggests that the number of over 55’s starting their own business may also increase, following a change in pension legislation. Under new legislation individuals have been afforded greater flexibility with their pension and are… Read more »

May 13

Ian Brunt_clipped_rev_1

4 steps to protecting your financial future following a divorce

By Ian Brunt in Divorce

With a rise in divorce rates among over 60s, securing a stable financial future is essential for separating couples especially those looking to retire. Often a great emphasis is placed on the emotional impact of divorce; however practical issues such as the division of financial assets are of paramount importance. It is no secret that… Read more »

May 12

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