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Licensing Solicitors

Buying a Licensed Premises

Buying a Licensed Premises

During the acquisition of a licensed premises, you will want to be safe in the knowledge that the license will remain operational once you have taken over, should you wish to continue running the same or a similar business.

If you are looking to change something about the running of the business once you have taken over premises, such as its opening hours, it will be necessary to amend the licence.

Farleys’ licensing and commercial property solicitors have extensive experience of advising on the buying and selling of licensed premises.   Our teams will work together seamlessly to ensure you receive all the advice, support and guidance necessary to allow you to focus on setting up and running your business.

While our commercial team arrange the transactional documentation such as purchase agreements and advise you on employment matters, our licensing team will advise you on the conditions on the premises licence and what steps need to be taken to ensure it meets your needs and satisfies the licensing objectives.

Things to Consider when Buying a Licensed Premises

  • When is the licence’s annual fee due? – If the annual fee falls due before the purchase complete, we will help ensure this is paid to avoid the Premises Licence lapsing.

  • What area of the premises does the licence cover? – The licence will specify on which parts of the premises licensable activities can take place. If you want your Premises Licence to cover any additional area, we can assist you in applying to the licensing authority to amend your licence.

  • Does the premises have a valid fire certificate? – All licensed premises need to comply with fire safety regulations; our commercial property team will check this as part of their pre-contract enquiries.

  • Are you purchasing a freehold or leasehold business premises? – A lease may impose restrictions on where licensable activities can take place; our licensing and commercial property teams will liaise on such points to ensure all the documentation relating to the premises corresponds with each other.

Farleys’ experienced licensing and property specialists can cut out the legal jargon and discuss your options in simple, easy to understand terms.

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