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Revenge Pornography

Revenge Pornography Compensation Claims

Sadly, as technology has developed so too has the scope for instances of psychological abuse. Camera phones and online platforms are now being used to facilitate abusive behaviour, causing suffering and significant emotional distress.

Revenge pornography, or ‘revenge porn’ as it is often called, is fast becoming a vicious part of our culture and sexual relationships and it is crucial victims realise they are not alone. If you or a loved one has been the victim of revenge pornography you may be entitled to receive compensation.

The malicious publication of intimate sexual images is a growing issue, recognised as abusive or vengeful behaviour under UK law. Often shared by an ex partner, compromising images of the victim are published without their consent with the intent to cause psychological harm. The sharing of such photos may be an isolated incident against the victim, or formulate a wider pattern of abusive behaviour.

Victims are left feeling powerless and vulnerable, with many falling into an emotionally fragile state. The


traumatic nature of revenge porn can cause long term psychological damage to a victim’s mental wellbeing, as the shame and distress caused permeates into every aspect of their life.

There is no justification for revenge pornography – the emotional impact can be devastating. Cases as sensitive as this, involving a gross violation of trust, require understanding and professionalism.

Here at Farleys Solicitors, our experienced abuse claims team are highly skilled in protecting victims of psychological, psychical and sexual abuse. Our team of experts are passionately dedicated to ensuring those at fault are held accountable for their actions. Pursuing a compensation claim can provide victims with funds to move forward with their life following such a traumatic ordeal.

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As nationally recognised specialists in this unique area of law, our lawyers work tirelessly on behalf of abuse victims to secure the compensation they deserve. For a confidential chat about how we can support you please don’t hesitate to call 0330 134 6430, or complete your details below and we will call you back.

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