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Business Crime, Fraud and Regulatory Defence

Business Crime, Fraud and Regulatory Defence

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The Fraud and Business Crime Department was established over fifteen years ago in order to ensure that those accused of complex, specialist and serious criminal cases had access to solicitors with the necessary resources and experience, to provide the highest standard of representation.

We are committed to quality and the results we achieve for our clients are second to none. As criminal lawyers, we deal in evidence, and believe there is no better evidence of the quality of our department than the results we achieve for our clients.

Fraud and Serious Crime Defence Throughout the UK

Members of the Specialist Fraud Panel and the Very High Cost Cases Panel, our business crime and commercial fraud solicitors, led by Partner Paul Schofield, have undertaken fraud defence work in many high profile prosecutions across the UK and beyond.

We understand the disruption that a fraud investigation can cause to both your personal life and your business. As a client-focused law firm, we go out of our way to minimise the effects of any business related legal action on you, your family, employees and co-workers.

The department is highly regarded amongst legal professionals and clients alike. Our department has been a member of the Specialist Fraud Panel since its inception, something which is only achievable by those firms which demonstrate exceptional standards of serious fraud defence.

How our Fraud Solicitors Can Help

Having an experienced solicitor to defend you against fraud charges or allegations will ensure that you present the strongest fraud defence possible – which will critically involve knowing when to speak and when not to speak.One of our fraud solicitors will attend any police station (or Serious Fraud Office or HM Customs) interviews with you, whether the interview is voluntary or following arrest. Your solicitor will help you to prepare, and will offer advice during the course of the interview, advising when to answer a question and when to exercise your right to remain silent.

We can also provide legal advice if you have your assets frozen or seized as part of an ongoing fraud investigation.

The complexity of business crime cases requires access to the very best experts in many areas including accounting, telephony, forensics and advocacy. Our extensive involvement in business crime and commercial fraud cases has enabled us to establish these contacts, along with a close working relationship with Queens Counsel, barristers and other legal experts who really can make the difference between conviction and acquittal.

Contact a Business Crime, Fraud, and Regulatory Defence Solicitor

To arrange a consultation or to speak with a Business Crime or Commercial Fraud Solicitor, please e-mail Paul Schofield, Bridgette Hibbert Sian Hall or Laura Walmsley and we will respond to you immediately.

Alternatively, call us now on our 24 hour emergency number 01254 52552.

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