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Drink Driving Law

Legal Advice on Drink Driving Offences

Have you been accused of breaking UK drink driving laws? If so, contact the experienced solicitors at Farleys. We specialise in defending clients who have been accused of a drink driving offence, our team can advise you of the penalties associated with drink driving and may be able to help you avoid a drink driving ban.

Is it possible to avoid conviction for a drink driving offence?

The solicitors at Farleys have an in-depth knowledge of existing drink driving legislation; they will look for flaws in police procedure and attempt to discover whether there were any circumstances which forced you to drive whilst under the influence.

Typically, solicitors look for one of the following in their attempt to help their clients avoid a drink driving conviction or achieve a more lenient sentence:

  • Was your drink spiked, causing you to drive whilst unknowingly under the influence of alcohol?
  • Did an emergency situation leave you with no option but to drive?
  • Did the police follow legal procedure when processing you following your arrest?
  • Did the arresting office failed to take the blood or breath specimens in the manner required by law?

With representation from a solicitor with both knowledge and experience of drink driving cases, you are far more likely to receive a reduced penalty or to avoid conviction altogether. Drink driving penalties can be severe, so it is always best to have appropriate representation in court.

How much is legal representation for drink driving offences?

Find out more about the range of driving offences that Farleys’ legal experts can defend for you, and  the costs involved.

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If you have been accused of a drink driving offence and are in urgent need of legal advice from a qualified and experienced solicitor, contact Farleys. Our motoring offences team are well equipped to handle your case, whatever the severity of the crime of which you are accused.

Do not simply accept the allegations made against you in a Notice of Intended Prosecution, contact a Farleys solicitor today on 0333 331 5294 or
email us and arrange for an initial consultation.

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