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Professional Negligence Farleys Solicitors LLP
Professional Negligence Farleys Solicitors LLP

Suing a Solicitor

All professionals, including solicitors, are responsible for providing competent services and carrying out their duties to a reasonable standard to ensure the best interests of their clients. If a solicitor fails to meet this standard of care, their client has the right to file a claim and sue them for damages. This type of claim is known as a professional negligence claim. Professional negligence claims can be difficult to pursue, so it’s important to seek out the advice and expertise of a professional – and that’s where we come in at Farleys. 

How long do I have to sue my solicitor for professional negligence?

If you feel like you may be the victim of professional negligence at the hands of your former solicitor, it’s important to act quickly. Claims against solicitors must be filed within six years of the professional negligence and breach of duty. Every situation is different; therefore, it can be complicated to pinpoint the official date on which the time limit begins, so it’s essential to seek expert help as soon as you feel like you may have a case. 

Reasons you may sue a solicitor 

Solicitors must always act in their client’s best interests, as this is their duty of care as a professional. However, if a lawyer lacks the necessary skills or experience to handle a case properly, this duty may not be fulfilled, leaving you at a financial loss. If you find yourself in a situation where your solicitor has caused you a loss due to their actions or inactions, it may be worth considering filing a claim against them for professional negligence. Here are a few of the reasons you might file a claim against your former solicitor:

  • Under-settled claims: claims that were settled too low for the damage or injury sustained by the client;
  • Missed limitation deadlines: missing limitations deadlines mean you cannot pursue your claim further even if it was unresolved;
  • Conveyancing mistakes: being let down during the sale or purchase of a house and losing out financially;
  • Family law matters: your solicitor failed to advise fully and correctly on child protection, contact issues, recognise clients’ vulnerability or file the necessary orders;
  • Your firm or solicitor failed to adhere to a Court Order;
  • Your firm or solicitor failed to obtain Court approval where necessary;
  • Your firm or solicitor has given you negligent advice.
  • Your firm or injury solicitor’s advice fell below the standard that is expected and as a result you suffered financial loss and emotional turmoil.

Farleys has a team of solicitors who specialise in bringing claims against other firms of solicitors who have acted negligently. If it is proven that you have been wrongly advised to accept a low settlement or received inadequate legal advice on any aspect of your claim, it may be possible to make a claim and receive further compensation.

If you have previously settled a claim but have since come to question whether the amount you received is too low, it may be possible to make a claim against your former solicitor. If your claim was settled in the last 6 years for an amount of £10,000 or above, our solicitors can advise you as to whether you may have a claim.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of suing your former solicitor, please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion. We will carry out a free initial review of your case and will advise you on the merits of pursuing a claim.

If you feel you may have suffered financially or in any other way due to professional negligence by a solicitor, contact us by email or call us on 01254606008.

Making a Claim Against Your Former Solicitor

At Farleys, our professional negligence solicitors are specialists in their field and have a wealth of experience built up over years of practice, allowing us to correctly assess the value of claims. Our team will be able to identify where elements of a case may have been missed, resulting in a reduced compensation settlement. We often bring claims against solicitors where they have failed to recognise the gravity of the case, the psychological ramifications of an injury or the potential loss of earnings incurred.

In one particular case, we represented a footballer client who settled a leg injury claim for £200,000. After consulting Farleys, we quickly established that this amount was far too low, and their previous solicitor had wrongly advised them to accept this settlement. A final sum of £1,000,000 in compensation was eventually reached.

We understand that you have put your trust in a solicitor who has failed to act in accordance with your best interests and that you may find it difficult to trust another member of the legal profession. Our solicitors appreciate that you are likely to feel let down and will do their best from the outset to make you feel at ease and rebuild your confidence. Farleys Solicitors will always put your interests first and do everything possible to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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