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Civil Partnerships Farleys Solicitors LLP
Civil Partnerships Farleys Solicitors LLP

Civil Partnerships

Legal Advice on Civil Partnerships

When two people commit to spending the rest of their lives together, it is a time to celebrate and look forward to a happy future.

When entering in to a civil partnership or marriage, there are also practical issues both parties may wish to consider, particularly if they are bringing pre-acquired assets in to the relationship. We can help you ensure that your assets are suitably protected by the enlisting a solicitor to assist in the drafting of a pre-partnership or pre-nuptial agreement.

The family law solicitors at Farleys can provide legal advice about civil partnerships including the financial consequences. Civil partnerships provide same-sex couples similar rights and benefits to a marriage with some minor differences in the eyes of the law.

If you have questions about the how a civil partnership will affect your finances, your children or your inheritance rights; then you should speak to a Farleys family law solicitor who will explain all of the benefits and implications of entering into a civil partnership.

When you enter into a civil partnership, you get the following benefits that a married couple would receive:

  • Joint treatment of income-related benefits and pensions
  • Inheritance
  • Tax
  • Access to compensation
  • Recognition as next of kin

Farleys’ solicitors and lawyers are experts in the legal differences between civil partnerships and marriages and we have specialists in drafting pre-partnership agreements which work like pre-nuptial agreements. Should your relationship break down, our divorce lawyers can also advise you on obtaining a dissolution, the equivalent of a divorce for a civil partnership.

Alternatively couples can now enter in to a marriage instead of a civil partnership and Farleys can advise you on the differences between the two. For same-sex couples, it is also possible from December 2014 to convert an existing civil partnership to a marriage.

Sadly, not all relationships work out and if the worst happens our specialist solicitors are on hand to support you through the dissolution of your civil partnership or dissolving of your marriage.

Should you wish to dissolve your civil partnership then, like in a divorce, you will need to come to a financial settlement which provides for both partners and any children (which means you may be required to provide maintenance to your partner and/or child support) and for the sharing of any property. We will keep the dissolution process as stress free as possible and do our utmost to help you maintain a cordial relationship with your partner.

Our award winning team offer legal advice across a wide range of civil partnerships, civil partnership dissolution  and pre-partnership agreements.

Farleys Solicitors has offices in Manchester, Blackburn, Burnley, Accrington and Shadsworth.

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For expert legal advice regarding civil partnerships and same-sex marriages please don’t hesitate to contact Farleys Solicitors on 01254606008 or complete an enquiry form.

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