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Motoring Driving Law Farleys Solicitors LLP

Drink Driving Penalties

Legal Advice on Drink Driving Penalties

The experienced motoring offences solicitors at Farleys can provide you with information regarding the various drink driving penalties that exist within UK law. Individuals convicted under drink driving law can expect to endure some or all of the following penalties:

  • 6 months’ imprisonment
  • £5000 fine
  • Obligatory disqualification from driving
  • 3-11 penalty points (If not disqualified due to exceptional circumstance)

A drink driving ban can have a significant effect on your quality of life and thus it is important that if you have been accused of drink driving, you contact a solicitor as soon as possible. Farleys’ motoring offences team have the knowledge and expertise necessary to ensure that you avoid either all, or at least the most severe of drink driving penalties.

How do I regain my driving licence after a drink driving ban?

The length of a drink driving disqualification depends entirely upon the specific circumstances of your case however the minimum period is typically 12 months. The earliest you are eligible to reapply for your driving licence is 56 days before the end of the period of disqualification.

At the end of your disqualification period you will be required to take an extended practical test, intended to make sure that you are safe to return to the road. The test is much more difficult than the normal practical test – the solicitors at Farleys can help you avoid having to take the repeat test by defending you against drink driving penalties.

How much is legal representation for drink driving offences?

Find out more about the range of driving offences that Farleys’ legal experts can defend for you, and  the costs involved.

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For more information regarding UK drink driving penalties, driving bans or motoring offences in general, contact the motoring offences department at Farleys on 0333 331 5294 or email us and arrange for an initial consultation today

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