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Sports Law Farleys Solicitors LLP
Sports Law Farleys Solicitors LLP

Disciplinary Matters and Appeals

Legal Advice on Disciplinary Proceedings

Farleys’ extensive sporting client base, which includes professional athletes, club officials, support staff and individuals at the grass-roots level of sport, results in us regularly advising and providing representation for our clients in proceedings of a regulatory and disciplinary nature.

The competitive nature of sport and the pressures associated with being in the public eye can lead sports professionals to act out of character.  As such, players and athletes may find themselves facing disciplinary proceedings.

The proceedings can be launched by the club or team as the sports person’s employer, or alternatively by the governing body associated with that sport.

What to do if you face disciplinary proceedings

If you have been called to a disciplinary meeting, it can often help to be fully aware of your legal position. Speaking to a specialist sports law solicitor prior to a meeting of a disciplinary nature is often advised.

If you have already received a disciplinary in the form of a fine or a ban, you have a right to appeal the decision. Farleys’ sports law solicitors can help you to launch an appeal and can represent you at any further hearings if appropriate.

Disciplinary matters can hold serious penalties including large fines and even bans from sport. Such penalties and the surrounding publicity can also have a detrimental affect on your reputation and future career potential. It is therefore important that you seek advice from a specialist sports law solicitor at an early stage.

Farleys also have extensive experience in representing football players before the Football Disciplinary Commission (FDC).

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