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Redundancies and Redundancy Packages

Redundancy Legal Advice and Support

Employment Law in the UK is extremely complex, especially when it comes to redundancy. The procedure your employer has to follow is highly structured and should this not be followed correctly or carried out fairly, you may be able to bring a claim against your employer.

If you need advice on a redundancy package you have been offered or feel that you have been treated unfairly in the redundancy selection and consultation process, the experienced team of solicitors at Farleys will be able to help you. Our employment law team understand that redundancies and job cuts are extremely stressful for employees and we will endeavour to help and support you as much as we can.

If you are an employee and have been offered a redundancy package, or you feel you may be at risk of being made redundant in the near future, you should look to engage the services of an employment law solicitor. The employment law solicitors at Farleys have a great deal of experience in advising employees on redundancy.

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What should I do if I have been offered redundancy?

If you have been offered redundancy, you should seek advice from a qualified employment law specialist wherever possible.

There is often a fine line between an employer fairly making you redundant and you being unfairly dismissed. If your employer has acted unfairly against you and there is a chance that repercussions could be brought against them for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal, employers may opt to offer you a redundancy package. If you are unhappy in your job, this may seem like an attractive option.

You should always seek advice from an employment law solicitor, however, who will be able to advise you of the best way to proceed in your particular circumstances.

How much redundancy pay am I entitled to?

The amount of redundancy pay you are entitled to depends on a number of factors, including your salary, how long you have worked for the company and your age. The employment law solicitors at Farleys will be able to advice you of the figure you can expect to receive.

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