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HR Employment Law Farleys Solicitors
HR Employment Law Farleys Solicitors

Redundancy Solicitors For Businesses

Redundancy Legal Advice For Employers

If you are in the process of making an employee or employees redundant, contact an experienced redundancy solicitor with the specialist knowledge necessary to ensure that you, as the employer can manage this process seamlessly and with as much or as little assistance as you choose.

Farleys can provide an assessment, strategic planning and continued advice and support with the whole redundancy process, from start to finish. This will limit the risk of grievances and/or Employment Tribunal claims including for unfair dismissal and/or discrimination and awards of significant compensation. With our specialist redundancy solicitors’ expertise, our advice, methods and tactics are balanced with your commercial objectives.

Why contact a Redundancy Solicitor?

There are a number of complex processes that need to be followed when dealing with redundancy. As an employer making redundancies, you are exposed to a number of risks; including employees bringing a claim of unfair or constructive dismissal and discrimination. This could lead to costs of an expensive defence for an Employment Tribunal case and your business being forced to pay financial compensation. In order to avoid breaching employment law, your employment law solicitor will advise you on all aspects relevant to this area including:

  • Employee Consultation: If you are considering making an employee or employees redundant, it is imperative that you consult them as early as possible in the process
  • Fair Selection Procedure: A number of factors can be taken into account when deciding which employee(s) to make redundant, including disciplinary record, relevant skills, adaptability, profitability and time keeping. You will need to be able to demonstrate that you have adopted a fair selection criteria and procedure to protect yourself against unfair dismissal claims.
  • Dismissal Procedure: A set dismissal procedure must be followed if an employer wishes to avoid future legal reprisals. Our redundancy solicitors can advise you on this procedure.
  • Redundancy Payments: If an employee has provided your company with at least two years’ continuous service, you will be required to pay statutory redundancy pay. There are a few exceptions to this rule; the redundancy solicitors at Farleys can advise you on whether you will be required to make redundancy payments.

The process of making an employee or a group of employees redundant is a complex and difficult process, by instructing an efficient redundancy solicitor with commercial expertise, you and your business will be far less likely to face future employment claims including for unfair dismissal.

Lay-off and Short Time Work

If you have experienced a reduction in demand for a particular type of work and need to lay-off a number of employees, the employment law solicitors at Farleys will advise you on the legal requirements to which you must adhere in order stay the right side of employment law. We can provide legal advice regarding lay-off time limits, pay during lay-off and all relevant clauses in contracts relating to short time work and lay-offs.

On-site Consultation

Farleys’ employment solicitors can provide advisory clinics on site at an employer’s organisation for the purposes of providing independent Employment law/HR advice to employees when making redundancies.

This service has proved efficient and effective for both employers keen to prevent disruption to business and for the accessibility and convenience to employees, who may find such matters unsettling.

Our on site advisory clinic services can be tailored to suit any business and can be provided with flexible costs; within and outside of standard working hours and both on and off employer sites. We offer expert legal advice on all redundancy matters including:

Contact Farleys Employment Law Solicitors

To ensure you avoid the legal pitfalls surrounding the redundancy and lay-off processes contact our experienced employment law solicitors on
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