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Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors LLP
Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors LLP

Hospital Abuse Claims Solicitors

Patient Abuse Compensation Claims Advice From Farleys Solicitors

We are leading specialists in abuse claims here at Farleys Solicitors LLP, with decades of experience in acting on behalf of abuse survivors who have been subjected to physical, psychological and sexual abuse.

We place your privacy, safety and sense of security at the centre of everything we do, all the while working tirelessly to ensure that you’re able to gain justice, peace and closure. Our dedicated team of experienced solicitors have a long history of working closely with survivors, including those who have suffered abuse whilst in the trusted care of healthcare institutions such as hospitals, care homes and psychiatric wards.

The highly publicised abuse scandal of Jimmy Saville has highlighted the issue of sexual, physical and psychological abuse of patients placed in the care of hospitals. Vulnerable people, both adults and children, can find themselves the subject of repeated attacks of sexual abuse by individuals occupying a trusted position of care. Instances of sexual abuse are particularly prominent in mental health units and psychiatric wards where patients are believed to be more susceptible to the grooming tactics of their abuser. 

Here at Farleys, we understand how incredibly difficult it can be to get to a place where you’re ready to talk about your experiences – but rest assured that we will listen to you without judgement, and our specialist solicitors will never make you feel guilty or ashamed about what happened to you. 

One of our top priorities is to secure you a settlement that accurately reflects the gravity of your case. Whilst we realise compensation will never reverse the trauma you have suffered, financial compensation can provide you with the means to properly move on with your life, and allow you to gain access to first class treatment and support.

If you or a loved one has suffered abuse whilst in the care of a private hospital, NHS ward, or other healthcare facility, please don’t hesitate to contact Farleys to discuss the options available to you. As specialists in this complex area of law, we understand each case must be treated with the utmost sensitivity and discretion.

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Our committed team can ensure someone is found legally responsible for the trauma and pain you have suffered. Call us on 0330 134 6430 or complete your details below and we’ll call you back.

“Helpful, professional staff. Knowing that people were working hard on my case with regular updates meant I didn’t have to try and deal with it myself, ensuring I got my compensation.”

"Farleys represented me in a sensitive case, they listened when no one else would. I found Jonathan and the team to be professional, sensitive and understanding."

"Throughout the course of my case, I felt that the team at Farleys kept my best interests at heart at all times. The firm is one of the best in its field in the UK."

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What are the time limits for making a hospital abuse claim?

Technically speaking, claims are supposed to be made within three years of the abuse taking place, but sometimes this deadline can be extended by the courts. That’s because the UK legal system implicitly recognises how difficult it can be for survivors to come forward, especially if they’ve been threatened by their abuser.

Survivors may have to deal with one or more of the following:

- Fear of not being believed
- Feelings of shame or guilt
- Fear of the abuser, especially after intimidation or explicit threats of violence
- Difficulty in articulating the nature or scale of the abuse
- Trying to protect family or loved ones (or even the abuser themselves)
- Feelings of powerlessness
- Suppression of the memories of the abuse
- Struggles with the psychological impact of the abuse

If any of this sounds like something that you or a loved one has experienced - or are currently experiencing - then we’re here to help at Farleys.

It’s not unusual for cases to be won years or even decades after the abuse took place. However, even though the timescales can be flexible in some cases, it’s worth noting that ideally legal proceedings should begin as soon as possible after the abuse comes to light, as that makes it easier for investigators to gather key evidence that might be in danger of being relocated, lost or destroyed over time.

Will my confidentiality be protected?

Yes. Opening up to a stranger about your experiences can be an incredibly difficult conversation, and one that we know can’t happen unless we’re able to prove to you that you can trust us. Therefore, we treat everything you tell us in the strictest confidence until you tell us that you’re ready to proceed. Equally, we’ll make sure that all documents in connection with your case are treated as classified.

If it’s necessary for us to enlist any outside experts for the progression of your case, such as psychologists, or representatives from hospitals, police or social services, we’ll always ask your permission first, and wait for your go-ahead before we get in touch with them.

What is the process for making a hospital abuse claim?

Our process for hospital abuse claims follows the same general structure as all of the abuse claims we handle here at Farleys, although obviously the specifics can vary depending on the nature and background of your individual case.

To give you a bit more detail, our general process for hospital abuse claims is as follows:

A free case assessment with one of our expert solicitors, so that we can give you an assessment of your claim’s chances of success. We appreciate that this initial conversation can be incredibly difficult, so we always make sure to prioritise your comfort and safety throughout.

Allocation to a specialist who will handle your case. Once your case has been allocated, your personal solicitor will act as your main point of contact, and they’ll make sure that the details of your case are not shared with anyone else unless absolutely necessary.

Collection of evidence. As you might expect, this is the most critical phase, and as such it can also be the most complex and time-consuming. Sometimes, we may consider soliciting the input of outside experts like a psychologist or psychiatrist, if we believe it could be beneficial to your case. However, we’ll only do this with your express permission, and you can count on us to be here to support you throughout.

Tally of compensation amount. For many of our clients, their case isn’t about the money, but rather about getting justice and closure. We understand that here at Farleys, but equally we know that the right compensation amount can be vital in helping you get access to the support you need to properly move on with your life. For that reason alone, we take care to focus on securing you an amount that properly reflects the gravity of your case.

Settling your claim. Once we have all the relevant evidence to hand, we’ll be ready to bring your case against the person or party responsible. Rest assured that you’ll never have to interact with your abuser directly, and indeed most cases are resolved long before they go to court - but either way, we’ll be here to help you every step of the way.

How will I fund my hospital abuse claim?

We will advise you on funding for your claim. We are often able to bring such cases on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.

Some abuse victims will qualify for public funding. Farleys Solicitors holds a Legal Aid franchise in five of our offices and we can advise you as to whether you will qualify.

What compensation can I claim?

Farleys’ abuse claim solicitors can help you claim for:

Care Requirements, Present and Future
Loss of Earnings, Present and Future
Physical Injury
Psychological Trauma
Other Treatment Costs

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