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Employment Tribunal Advice & Support

If you are engaged in a dispute with your employer and have exhausted all other means of resolution, whether it concerns a grievance or disciplinary issue, the next stage is to take your dispute before an employment tribunal.

The employment tribunal solicitors at Farleys are capable of advising you on every stage of the legal process and representing you when your case is brought before the tribunal, helping you to secure the right decision. For more information, or to speak to an employment law expert today, simply call 0333 331 4031 or email us and an experienced solicitor will be in touch.

Guide to Employment Tribunals

Farleys’ Employment Team have produced a handy guide for anyone thinking about making an employment tribunal claim, which walks you through the steps involved and breaks down some of the legal terminology.  Fill in your details below to get your free copy.

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What is an Employment Tribunal?

Employment tribunals are independent judicial bodies with the power to pass judgement on disputes over employment rights. Whilst not as formal as a court, the decision of an employment tribunal is legally binding.

An employment tribunal claim is only necessary when all other resolution methods have proven unsuccessful.

What claims do Employment Tribunals cover?

Tribunals generally make judgements on claims relating to:

- Unfair dismissal
- Constructive dismissal (an employee resigns because they feel that their employer has breached the original contract)
- Failure to consult an employee prior to making him or her redundant
- Breach of contract
- Issues regarding equal pay
- Discrimination relating to race, age, sex, sexual orientation, religious belief or physical or mental disability
- Failure to follow correct procedure during the disciplinary or grievance process, for instance not allowing the employee to be accompanied by a representative at a hearing

Is there a time limit on Employment Tribunal Claims?

Generally speaking, you must make an application to begin an employment tribunal claim within three months of the date that your employment ended or the incident concerned occurred.

In exceptional circumstances, employment tribunal claims may be accepted outside this time frame. Farleys Solicitors' employment law specialists will be happy to listen to the details of your potential claim and advise you on the likelihood of your claim being accepted.

Contact an Employment Tribunal Specialist

If a dispute between you and your employer has progressed to an employment tribunal, contact a solicitor as soon as possible for legal advice, support and representation.

Call 0333 331 4031 or email us and an experienced solicitor from our employment law team will get back to you.

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