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Medication Errors

Medication and Prescription Error Claims

The importance of prescribing the correct medication is essential in the protection of patient welfare. Yet each year thousands of patients are mistakenly prescribed or administered the wrong medication, placing them at unnecessary risk.

Despite the stringent procedures in place regarding safe medication practice, unfortunately the number of incidents involving medication errors continues to rise. Although in some cases the patient may suffer a minor adverse reaction, severe instances can result in fatality.

Legal Advice on Medication Errors  from Farleys Solicitors

If you or a loved one has suffered due to medication errors, our expert medical negligence team can assist in securing compensation for the pain you have endured.

Our team of leading medical negligence solicitors understand the emotional distress a medication error can cause. Pursuing a compensation claim in these circumstances can often help in assisting families gain closure, finding someone legally accountable for the harm caused.

We realise the initial thought of pursuing a claim can often seem overwhelming. However, from your first call to us, we will assign you a dedicated point of contact who will guide you through the entirety of the claims process.

Our team possess the technical skill and expertise to secure you the financial support you need to help you or your loved one rebuild your life following such an ordeal. We can ensure your future care costs and any other monetary losses are included in a settlement tailored to your individual needs.

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Take our free assessment to find out if you have a medication error compensation claim, or call us on 0333 331 5441.

Common Medication Errors

When in the care of medical a professional, be that a doctor, GP or NHS Trust, we place an unquestioning trust in their ability to prescribe the correct medication. Whether down to human error or common oversight, medication errors can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of a patient; resulting in serious physical and psychological damage.

In particular there are two groups of patients who are the most vulnerable to medication errors. Young children and those suffering from severe allergic reactions to certain antibiotics are placed at a greater risk of sustaining serious harm through the wrongful prescription of medication.

With decades of experience acting on behalf of those who have suffered due to medical errors, we have helped clients successfully secure compensation across a wide range of situations including:

  • Failure to review prescription
  • Incorrect dosage, resulting the overdose of a patient
  • Incorrect prescription
  • Omission of prescription
  • Wrongful administration of drugs
  • Wrong prescription of medication or antibiotics

Contact a Specialist in Medication Error Claims

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