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Dental Negligence Compensation Claims

Trips to the dentist are rarely pleasant, but treatment usually sorts out toothaches, infections or other dental problems. However, things can go wrong and if you suspect your dentist’s work is below standard, it’s important that you take advice and understand your rights.

The after effects of negligent dental treatment can include you struggling to eat, difficulty sleeping and having to take time off work. As cosmetic dentistry, such as the fitting of veneers, implants, bridges and tooth whitening, continue to grow in popularity, we are also starting to see a growing number of cases in this area of dentistry where things have gone wrong.

Making a Dental Negligence Claim

We realise that the thought of pursuing a claim may be daunting, but our specialist dental negligence solicitors will provide expert advice and support throughout the entire process – doing everything they can to ensure that you remain fully informed throughout the claim process.

If you believe you have been a victim of dental negligence and would like to speak to a solicitor about your experience, and whether you may be eligible to bring a claim, Farleys can help you receive compensation for the pain, suffering and any financial loss you have incurred as a result, regardless of whether you received treatment from the NHS or on a private basis.

Free Online Claim Assessment

Take our free assessment to find out if you have a dental negligence claim, or call us on 0333 331 4602.

Common Dental Negligence Claims

You may be eligible to claim compensation for dental negligence if your dentist:

  • Made a mistake – such as extracting the wrong tooth
  • Failed properly to manage gum disease
  • Failed to diagnose gum disease or a tumour
  • Provided implant treatment which subsequently failed or caused damage to your mouth
  • Provided inadequate root canal therapy – such as failure to remove all of the root and failure to fill the canal properly


Contact a Specialist in Dental Negligence Claims

Wherever possible, Farleys will pursue your claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis; meaning you will keep the entirety of any compensation awarded.

For free initial advice on pursuing a dental negligence compensation claim, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 331 4062 or email us today to arrange an appointment.

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