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Hospital Compensation Claims

Hospital Compensation Claims

Being treated in hospital is never ideal, but most of us can expect to be discharged having received an acceptable quality of care and with a good future prognosis. However, things can go wrong, and being the victim of substandard or negligent care can be extremely distressing.

Sadly, mistakes can happen at any stage of treatment, and can run from the very minor through to catastrophic errors that are life-limiting, or in the most serious cases, life-ending.

If you have experienced substandard hospital care, it is worthwhile speaking to a specialist medical negligence solicitor to see whether you have a potential claim.

The experienced team of clinical negligence lawyers at Farleys can investigate your circumstances free of change and where appropriate, will help you to pursue a compensation claim against the NHS trust responsible for your care.

Making a Hospital Compensation Claim

You may be able to obtain compensation if you have experienced

  • Surgical injuries
  • A hospital acquired infection
  • Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
  • Adverse or allergic reactions to treatment

Farleys can help you whether you have been treated by the NHS or as a privately paying patient. You may be entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering, as well as for any financial losses you have incurred as a direct result of the negligent treatment you have experienced.

We understand that pursuing a claim can be upsetting and our expert solicitors will guide you every step of the way; helping you to claim the compensation you deserve.

Free Online Claim Assessment

Take our free online claim assessment to see if you can make a hospital compensation claim, or call our medical negligence experts on 0333 331 4602.

Common Hospital Compensation Claims

Unfortunately, hospital negligence can affect anybody, regardless of age, sex, gender or medical condition. Common hospital compensation claims that we have successfully pursued include:

  • Failure to remove medical instruments at the end of surgery
  • Missed notices on patient allergies leading to severe physical reactions to administered treatment or drugs
  • Failed or incorrectly administered anaesthetic leading to patient awareness during surgery
  • Failure to prevent or properly manage infections

Our solicitors understand that the idea of bringing a claim can be daunting. However, we also believe that it’s important to understand all of the facts and to speak to an expert before deciding whether or not to proceed with a hospital negligence claim.

That’s why our hospital negligence team is specially trained to provide you with clear, simple advice on bringing a claim. And if you decide you want to take things further, our solicitors will do everything in their power to ensure that you feel comfortable and informed of the progress of your claim at every stage.

Contact a Specialist in Hospital Compensation Claims

Wherever possible, Farleys will pursue your claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis; meaning you will keep the entirety of any compensation awarded. For free initial advice on pursuing a delayed diagnosis compensation claim, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 331 4602 or email us today to arrange an appointment.

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