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Estate Planning and Probate

Advice on Estate Planning and Probate for Sports Professionals

Estate planning is often considered to be something to do when you get old. However, if you are a high net worth individual, or have investments in property, shares or other assets, it is advisable that you seek the advice of a solicitor specialising in trusts and estate planning.

The sports law solicitors at Farleys are increasingly being instructed by current sporting professionals and other high net worth individuals to advise on the often complex area of tax efficient estate planning and the setting up of trusts. Well executed estate planning can allow the passing on of assets such as property, money and shares whilst avoiding or minimising taxation.

To speak to a solicitor experienced in advising sports people about estate and inheritance planning, call 01254606008  or email us .

Trusts and Inheritance Planning

Trusts are often set up for the benefit of children, which are managed until the children are old enough to take responsibility for themselves. The trust may, amongst other things, make provision for the children’s maintenance and future education.

Having a last will and testament in place and an appropriate estate plan allows you to make provision for your partner and children, minimising the inheritance tax payable on inherited assets.

Farleys Solicitors has an enviable reputation as one of the leading sports law teams in the North West and receive regular instructions to assist our sports clients in making provisions for trusts and estate planning, as well as dealing with any wills or probate matters.

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