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Failure to explain dental treatment claims solicitors

All dental treatments have potential risks associated with them, though the vast majority are minor. However, some procedures, such as dental implants, bone grafts, and other invasive surgeries, carry more significant risks. It’s also important for your dentist to fully disclose the potential risks of not undergoing certain treatments when presenting their proposed treatment plan. If your dentist fails to inform you of risks while seeking your consent and something goes wrong, you may be entitled to compensation.

Your dentist must provide you with complete information about the potential risks associated with any dental procedure they suggest you undergo. This allows you to make an informed decision about your oral health and give your consent. If your dentist fails to explain the risks and provide alternative treatment options, they may be violating your rights as a patient. Failure to explain dental treatment is considered dental malpractice, and as a result, you may be eligible to file a claim if you have experienced unnecessary pain or financial loss.

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How we can help with informed consent claims at Farleys

With more than 60 years of experience, we’re well-equipped to manage cases related to dental negligence at Farleys. Our team of skilled solicitors has a proven record of resolving such cases successfully, ensuring complete satisfaction for our clients. We understand the significant impact of dental nerve damage on individuals physically, emotionally, and mentally. This damage can affect your overall quality of life. 

At Farleys, our dedicated dental negligence solicitors initiate the process by engaging in thorough discussions with our clients. This allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the unique circumstances surrounding each case, enabling us to gather crucial details essential for exploring effective legal options. This personalised approach strives to determine the most appropriate and effective course of action tailored to your needs.

What effect can failure to explain dental treatment have? 

Your dentist must provide you with all necessary information regarding your treatment, including the potential risks and alternative options you can consider. If your dentist fails to do so, they have not fully obtained your consent. This can lead to patient dissatisfaction, unforeseen complications, as well as mental stress. In some cases, it is grounds for legal action. 

Some examples scenarios of this include: 

  • If a dentist fails to inform a patient of the risks of nerve damage and post-op infections associated with tooth extraction surgery, and the patient experiences these complications, they may not have agreed to the surgery had they been aware of the risks.
  • A patient who is advised to get dental implants, but the dentist only presented one option without discussing alternatives. The patient chose the suggested option without knowing about other options which might have been more suitable and budget-friendly and, as a result, suffered financial loss.
  • A patient with a chipped tooth was recommended a cosmetic filling without having the benefits and risks of a crown explained to them, only to later find that the tooth had structural damage that required a crown all along, resulting in additional visits to the dentist and expenses that could have been avoided.

Am I eligible to make a dental negligence claim?

If your dentist has not fulfilled their duty of care, you might have a basis for a dental negligence claim. All healthcare professionals, including dentists, must adhere to a reasonable standard of care. Proving a breach in this standard, essential for a malpractice claim, requires considerable evidence indicating that your dentist’s care fell below that expected level.

Typically, this involves assessment by medical experts with similar or higher expertise. Proving negligence can be difficult because it requires evidence that your suffering resulted from your dentist’s actions.

To bolster your claim, gather as much supporting evidence as possible, such as:

  • Dental records
  • Witness statements
  • A second expert opinion
  • Relevant photographs showcasing your injuries
  • Financial documentation

Contact a Specialist in Dental Negligence Claims

Navigating legal matters can feel overwhelming, so at Farleys, our solicitors approach your case in a friendly and straightforward manner. We prioritise clarity, steering clear of complex legal jargon to ensure you’re well-informed and comfortable making decisions about your case. Regardless of your past experiences, we handle your dental negligence claim with respect and expertise.

Moreover, we offer to pursue claims on a ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement whenever possible. If you need initial advice on starting your dental negligence claim, feel free to contact our dental negligence claims solicitors. Get in touch with us on 01254606008 or schedule an appointment via email, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help. 

What are the time limits for claiming dental negligence compensation?

There is a standard time limit of three years to file a claim for dental negligence, starting from the date of your dental treatment. However, the UK legal system understands that the effects of dental negligence may not become apparent until some time after the procedure. In these situations, an additional three-year period from the “date of knowledge”(when you become aware of the impact of the negligence) may be applicable.

Calculating the precise timeframes for your claim can be difficult. So, we strongly advise contacting us as soon as you suspect you may have a claim so we can handle your case quickly and efficiently. Although many cases are settled outside of court, you can be confident that we will provide unwavering support and guidance if your case goes to court.

Why choose Farleys Solicitors?

At Farleys, we have over 60 years of dedicated service to clients throughout the North West and the UK. Our experienced team of solicitors have an in-depth understanding of dental nerve damage claims and can provide prompt and clear assistance for your concerns.

We acknowledge the uniqueness of each case, providing tailored advice and guiding you through the most suitable course of action. Additionally, we handle cases on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis wherever possible.

For expert assistance from our specialised dental negligence solicitors for enquiries about our services, contact us at 01254606008, use our website’s chat feature, or email us at We’re here to help!

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