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Hospital Infection Claims

Hospital Infection Compensation Claims

The rise in the number of patients who have contracted MRSA has plagued recent headlines, highlighting a major problem in healthcare in the country. Unfortunately, where hospitals have failed to comply with hygiene procedures, vulnerable patients can be left at an increased risk of contracting an infection.

Where you have contracted a hospital infection as the result of inadequate hygiene standards or an incompetent level of care, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

Making a Hospital Infection Claim

There are a number of factors that contribute to making a hospital infection claim for you or a loved one. Where there has been a failure on behalf of the hospital to recognise and treat the infection, this will strengthen your grounds to claim.

Likewise, where there has been an apparent failure, such as lack of monitoring, misuse of antibiotics, or insufficient treatment, this may also warrant grounds for a medical negligence claim. If you are unsure please don’t hesitate to contact Farleys Solicitors’ team of medical negligence experts who will be able to advise you on the strength of your case.

We have witnessed a significant increase in the number of clients contacting us who wish to pursue a hospital infection claim. Here at Farleys we realise contracting a hospital infection can be extremely distressing, creating an additional burden of worry for you and your family to deal with. Our sensitive solicitors are on hand to guide you through the entirety of the claims process, to speak to a medical negligence expert please call 0333 331 4039 or email us to arrange a meeting.

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Take our free assessment to find out if you have a hospital infection claim, or call us on 0333 331 5441.

Common Hospital Infections

Hospital infections come in various strains and guises, each attacking the immune system differently. Each one differs in severity although three have gained particular notoriety are:

  • MRSA
  • C Difficile
  • Osteomyelitis


Contact a Specialist in Hospital Infection Claims

To begin your hospital infection claim contact a Farleys medical negligence solicitor on 0333 331 5441, or alternatively you can email us.

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