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Licensing Solicitors
Licensing Solicitors

Licence Reviews & Prosecutions

Solicitors for Licence Reviews & Prosecutions

Running the kind of business that requires a licence can be challenging and, despite your best efforts, sometimes things can go wrong.

Your licence may have been called into question due to noise disturbances, a failed trading standards test purchase, or following a number of reported incidents at your premises.

In these situations, enforcement action is likely to be taken by the local licensing authority, which could result in the need for you to complete a review application. It is vital you speak with a licensing solicitor in this instance to ensure the paperwork is completed correctly and avoid your licence being suspended or revoked.

Usually, Licence Reviews can be concluded without the matter going before a licensing committee by negotiating the inclusion of additional conditions in the Premises Licence.  In the event a licensing committee hearing is unavoidable, our litigation team will work closely with our licensing team to ensure that your case it put to the committee as clearly and concisely as possible.

In more serious circumstances, enforcement action could mean you incur an unlimited fine or even six months imprisonment per offence. Farleys criminal law team may be able to assist in such circumstances.

Farleys’ licensing solicitors can help you to complete review applications or draft agreements for relevant authorities to reach the best possible outcome for your licensed business from your enforcement action.

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