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Delayed Diagnosis Claims

Delayed Diagnosis Compensation Claims

Receiving a diagnosis for any condition is never pleasant. However, receiving a diagnosis after weeks or months of knowing something is wrong, but being told you are ‘fine’, can be extremely distressing. Equally, receiving a diagnosis but later being told it is incorrect, can be very frightening, particularly if the new diagnosis is more serious than the first.

Delayed diagnosis can happen when a condition is either missed, or is misdiagnosed as something else. Sometimes delayed diagnosis happens because the condition is difficult to recognise or because the symptoms displayed are not typical. However, on other occasions, delayed diagnosis occurs due to medical negligence; due to insufficient investigation, a failure to run standard tests or to follow up abnormal results.

Sometimes a delayed diagnosis can be extremely serious – especially in the case of specific types of cancer – as it can prevent certain treatments being available which would otherwise cure, or limit the spread of the disease.

Making a Delayed Diagnosis Claim

If you believe that your condition should have been diagnosed more quickly than it was, or if your condition was initially misdiagnosed, it’s worthwhile speaking to a member of our medical negligence lawyers. Our experts will be able to advise you free of charge as to whether you may have the grounds to claim compensation.

You may be able to obtain compensation if you have experienced:

  • A delay in diagnosis of your condition
  • A misdiagnosis that caused an existing condition to worsen or which limited your treatment options

Farleys will help you, regardless of whether you have received NHS or private treatment.

We realise that having to think about bringing a claim can be stressful, and our experts will work closely with you, ensuring you understand the process and helping you to claim the compensation you deserve.

Our team is highly experienced and has secure many thousands of pounds worth of compensation for clients who have suffered as a result of delayed diagnosis.

Free Online Claim Assessment

Take our free assessment to find out if you have a delayed diagnosis compensation claim, or call us on 0333 331 4602

Common Delayed Diagnosis Claims

Some of the most common delayed diagnosis claims that we have managed include:

  • Undiagnosed fractures and other orthopaedic injuries
  • Delayed or misdiagnosis of certain types of cancer
  • Delayed diagnosis of infections

At Farleys we appreciate that the consequences of delayed diagnosis are not limited to physical injury and financial loss, but also include psychological suffering. We understand that it may be difficult to come forward but our solicitors will do everything in their power to ensure you feel confident and fully informed at every stage of your claim.

Contact a Medical Negligence Specialist

Wherever possible, Farleys will pursue your claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis; meaning you will keep the entirety of any compensation awarded. For free initial advice on pursuing a delayed diagnosis compensation claim, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 331 4602 or email us today to arrange an appointment.

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