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Company formation Farleys Solicitors LLP

Company Formation and Start Up

Company Formation and Start Up

When you intend to start-up a company for a new business venture or an existing business, you will need expert legal advice and assistance to ensure that the company is formed in a way which meets your specific business needs.

Farleys Solicitors can provide the legal advice that you need on several issues, including the role of the Company Directors, Directors powers and duties, shareholdings, Companies Act legislation, employment law etc.

Our solicitors, managed by partner Debbie King, will work closely with you and your accountants to ensure that you receive the best legal advice possible so that your business is incorporated and organised in ways that are both effective and tax efficient.

Our company formation solicitors can provide expert legal advice on:

Operating a business as a private limited company or otherwise as a plc requires compliance with a multitude of company regulations and legislation.

We can advise company officers of the precise formalities involved in the day-to-day running of their business, or advise shareholders on whether the company has correctly followed the relevant procedure.

Farleys Evolve

Seeing your business idea become a reality is an exciting prospect – but many are daunted by the prospect of legal jargon, documentation and initial set up costs.

Everyone has to start somewhere…and Farleys are here to help! We can provide the support and advice you need to ensure that you and your business are protected from the outset, leaving you to concentrate on the areas that matter most to you – getting your business off the ground and making it grow.

To find out more about how Farleys Evolve can help you, click here.

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