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Case Studies

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The abuse claim solicitors at Farleys have been practicing in this area for over 20 years and are recognised as UK leaders in the field. Here is a selection of recent cases we have successfully concluded on behalf of clients.

Client S Awarded £58,000

Farleys were instructed on behalf of Client S to apply for a review of the sexual abuse case Client S suffered as a child.

The AADA Department initially acted on behalf of Client S in connection with a claim for Criminal Injuries Compensation arising from sexual abuse she suffered by her father as a child.

The first incident of sexual abuse occurred when the Client S was just 12 years old.  The abuse gradually became worse and more frequent.  When Client S was 13 years old her father attempted to have sexual intercourse with her.  Although this never happened again the sexual abuse continued regularly up until she was 16 years of age.  When Client S was 18 years old she found the confidence to leave the family home as she could not live there anymore and face the sexual abuse.

At the age of 17 she disclosed the abuse to her mother however her father was able to convince the mother that Client S was lying.  Client S did not feel she was able to report the matter to the Police as she did not think she would be believed.  In 2005 Client S received a telephone call from her father who told her that he had abused her younger sister.  Several years later she found the courage to report what had happened to her to the Police.  Her father was charged with four offences; he was convicted of these offences and sentenced to five years imprisonment.  As a result of the abuse Client S has over the years had trouble with depression, anxiety and stress.  She has had to quit her University course and job as a result of the difficulties she was experiencing.

How Farleys were able to help

Client S had received counselling in the past and has been treated with anti-depressants.  The CICA made Client S an initial award in the sum of £3,300.00 to reflect an incident of sexual assault as a child.

Farleys Solicitors advised Client S to make an application for a review of this decision on the basis that she had been the victim of sexual abuse for longer than a three year period but importantly that she had suffered a psychiatric injury as a result of the abuse.

A detailed statement was prepared on her behalf to the CICA and Farleys Solicitors made representations on her behalf that medical evidence ought to be commissioned to properly consider the application and the extent to which the abuse had impacted upon Client S.

The CICA accepted these representations and instructed a Consultant Psychiatrist to examine Client S and prepare a report on her psychiatric injury.

The expert confirmed that Client S had suffered psychiatric injury as a result of the abuse.  She was diagnosed with a generalised anxiety disorder and treatment was recommended.  She was diagnosed with a permanent moderate mental illness the symptoms of which were considered to be having a profound effect on all aspects of Client S’ life including her social relationships and ability to work.

Farleys were successful in securing her compensation in the sum of £58,000 which included a sum to cover the cost of intensive treatment and an award for past loss of earnings.

Client B Awarded £35,000

Client B contacted Farleys because of abuse suffered during childhood.

Client B had a difficult start in life.   She never knew her father and her natural mother was unable to cope with her which resulted in her living with a foster carer from the age of approximately eighteen months old.   She would still see her mother at weekends but by the age of five this arrangement came to an end and she was placed with a long-term foster family.

Within a year of moving into the home of the foster family the foster father began to abuse her.   She was sexually abused by him over a three year period from 1998 to 2001. As is often the case in these matters she was initially groomed and abused psychologically before he took advantage and began to sexually abuse her.

Client B made disclosures to various people about the abuse including a child therapist and the Police.

Farleys were successful in arguing on behalf of Client B that whilst the Council could not have known about the abuse when it began they did become aware of it and failed to intervene to protect the Claimant.   Arguments were also advanced that the Council had a non-delegable duty to the Claimant in line with the Woodlands dicta.

There was no point pursuing the step-father of Client B because he was penniless.    The claim against the Council succeeded even though it was significantly out of time.   Client B was awarded damages of £35,000 in relation to abuse that she suffered and the subsequent psychiatric injury.   The claim of Client B relates to abuse which occurred over fifteen years ago and further emphasises that it is possible to bring claims against Local Authorities for their failings when those failings result in abuse even if the claims are considerably out of time.

Client W Receives £95,000 in Historic Abuse Case

Client W instructed Farleys Solicitors in relation to a claim following abuse at Stonecross School in Cumbria. The abuse was at the hands of a member of staff and took place in the late 1970’s. The abuser was ultimately convicted by a Criminal Court which helped us overcome difficulties with limitation.

A letter of claim was forwarded to the Council in their capacity as employers of the abuser at the time the abuse took place.

Work was carried out to corroborate the claim including correspondence with the Police and possible witnesses.

Client W had suffered a significant psychiatric injury as a result of the abuse which has had an effect on his earning capacity. Various offers from the Defendants were rejected before the claim was eventually settled without the need for proceedings being issued in the sum of £95,000.

Client D Awarded £72,000 in Historic Abuse Claim

We were instructed by Client D in relation to a claim of historic sexual abuse. The perpetrator of the abuse had not been convicted of any offence and the alleged abuse had taken place more than 20 years ago.

At first instance the CICA refused to make Client D any award on the basis that her application should have been submitted within 2 years of the abuse or of reaching adulthood.

We submitted a successful review application and secured an settlement offer of £16,000.00. We did not believe that this was acceptable for what the Claimant had been through and obtained medical evidence in support of her case. We submitted a full appeal supported by medical evidence and the matter was listed for a final hearing. We invited the Tribunal to reconsider their position prior to the hearing resulting in them making an increased award to the Claimant of £72,000.00. This case study shows that with the right support, claims for historic abuse can succeed, even when there was no conviction and where at first instance the CICA refused to make any award.

£50,000 Secured for Abuse Client

Farleys Solicitors were instructed by client D after she found us via the internet. Client D, who lives in Norwich, contacted Farleys in relation to abuse she had suffered at the hands of her grandfather between the ages of 8 and 10. Client D was 30 years of age and this was an historic abuse claim where the incidents took place over 20 years ago.

The abuse included indecent assault and attempted rape and had had a profound psychological effect on the client throughout her life.

Our abuse claim solicitors pursued the claim on the client’s behalf and overcame arguments raised in relation to limitation. Corroboratory evidence was obtained in the form of medical records and Witness Statements. The abuser’s assets were traced and the sum of £50,000.00 in damages was eventually recovered following the sale of the Defendant’s property.

Client K Wins £25,000 in Child Abuse Compensation

Farleys has successfully achieved a £25,000 compensatory award for Client K who was abused as a child by her uncle. Despite the fact that the abuse took place approximately 15 years ago, Farleys were successful in obtaining evidence to corroborate the claimant’s case.  Favorable medical evidence was obtained which confirmed the ongoing psychiatric after effects of the abuse and resulted in the uncle paying £25,000 in compensation to our client, together with her full costs of proceeding with the claim.

£35,000 for Child D after Emotional and Physical Abuse

Child D suffered neglect together with emotional and physical abuse as a child.  She was raised by her stepfather and his partner and alleged that there were many occasions when the local Social Services Department were made aware of the risks posed to her and failed to intervene to protect her.

As a result of the abuse the Claimant suffered psychiatric injury and attempted suicide.  Medical evidence suggested some ongoing psychiatric injury into adulthood as a result of the childhood abuse.

Farleys received instructions on behalf of child D to bring a claim against the Social Services Department who admitted liability at an early stage in proceedings.

Following negotiation settlement of child D’s claim was achieved in the sum of £35,000.00.

£45,000 Settlement for Man Abused by Social Worker as a Child

Farleys successfully pursued a compensation claim for £54,000 against Lancashire County Council following abuse which took place over 30 years ago. Our client, Mr H, suffered abuse of a sexual nature at the hands of his social worker when he was only 12 years old.

After an initial settlement of £35,000 was rejected, a £54,000 out of Court settlement was reached.

£45,000 for Child Abused by Step-Father

Farleys acted on behalf of Client M who brought a claim as a result of abuse suffered decades earlier as a child at the hands of her stepfather.  Despite potential limitation difficulties, Farleys successfully pursued a claim on client M’s behalf, securing an award of £45,000.00 for the pain and suffering she endured whilst being abused as a child and as a result of the long term effects this abuse had upon her and her potential career.

£65,000 Award for Childhood Abuse by Neighbour

Farleys acted on behalf of a client who suffered historic child abuse at the age of 8 at the hands of a neighbour. The perpetrator was located and it was established that he would be financially able to compensate our client.

An award of £65,000 was secured for the client as a result of the pain and suffering she had experienced some 15 years earlier and the long term effects the abuse had had on her future career prospects. The client hopes that this compensation can go some way in assisting her to finally close that chapter of her life.

Client C Wins £17,000 in Child Abuse Compensation

Farleys has successfully achieved a £17,000 compensatory award for Client C who was abused as a child by her father. Client C was repeatedly raped and physically abused in her childhood. Despite the fact that the abuse took place over 15 years ago, Farleys were successful in obtaining evidence to corroborate the claimant’s case. Favorable medical evidence was obtained which confirmed the ongoing psychiatric after effects of the abuse and resulted in the compensation to our client.

In this case, Farleys were successful in not only recovering damages for the sexual assaults but also an additional sum for the physical assaults that had taken place during the Claimant’s childhood.

£10,000 awarded to Child J after unlawful separation from parents

Farleys Solicitors acted in a claim under Article 8 of The Human Rights Act for a child who had been removed from his parent’s care at birth without reasonable grounds. The Defendant alleged that past conduct of the parents was sufficient to justify the removal. Farleys successfully argued that the infant Claimant should not have been removed and that there were insufficient grounds for Social Services to intervene.

The parties were separated for a period of approximately 10 months after the Claimant’s birth although there was daily contact between parents and child during this period. Taking into account the various recent authorities from the European Court of Human Rights, Farleys were successful in negotiating a settlement of £10,000.00 to be split jointly between the Claimant and his mother.


£640,000 awarded after Local Council failed to intervene to prevent abuse

The abuse solicitors at Farleys settled a claim on behalf of Claimant J. This case is believed to be the biggest ever award against a Council for their negligence and breach of duty in failing to remove a child who was at risk of harm.

Claimant J was born to a mother with a learning disability who had herself been sexually abused. The Local council removed Claimant J from her mother’s care and placed her with other family members who the Claimant alleged were entirely inappropriate. The Claimant remained with these family members until the age of sixteen when she was made the subject of an Emergency Protection Order.

The claim centred around there being innumerable opportunities for Social Services to intervene and remove Claimant J to protect her and prevent the ongoing abuse and neglect she was subjected to.

There were a number of challenging factors in the claim, which was ongoing for over eight years. Numerous medical reports were obtained from psychiatrists and neuropsychologists. Two joint settlement meetings took place before the claim was eventually compromised in the sum of £640,000 and approved by the Court.

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