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Debt advice and personal insolvency

Footballers and Gambling

Recently Leigh Griffiths, the Celtic forward has become the latest footballer to acknowledge his gambling addiction. His manager Brendan Ro...

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Mark Skinner Associate Partner

Motorists Cleared of Drug Driving Offences after Evidence Manipulation

An inquiry into Randox Testing Services, who provide forensic evidence testing for 42 UK police forces, has found evidence of manipulation i...

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Damien Pickup Associate Partner

Can I Change my Child’s Name?

"Can I change my child's name?" is a question I am frequently asked. If the child is under 16 years of age, those who hold parental responsi...

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Tony Rebello Associate Partner

Accidents in Snow and Ice – When Should I Make a Claim?

With temperatures set to drop in the run up to Christmas it is inevitable accidents will occur due to ice. Depending on where the accident h...

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Molly Greenwood Trainee Solicitor

Coaches in Sport Convicted of Child Sex Abuse

Offside Trust is an organisation led by ex- footballer Steve Walters and former professional golfer Chris Unsworth following high profile...

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Katie Fox Solicitor

Workplace Christmas Festivities – What Employers Need To Know

This time of year can prove a minefield of HR challenges from Christmas parties to overtime and working hours. Employers in both the private...

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Victoria Mitchell Associate Partner

Manchester Nightclub Bouncers Attack Men in Street

The Manchester news this week has been dominated by the appalling attack on a young man by the bouncers at Factory 251 Nightclub. One young ...

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Jane Chadwick Associate Partner

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