Offside Trust is an organisation led by ex- footballer Steve Walters and former professional golfer Chris Unsworth following high profile revelations regarding child sexual abuse coming to light in around November 2016.

Following the launch of Offside Trust, it has been reported that at least 80 Sports Coaches have been convicted of child sexual abuse in the United Kingdom.

The Offside Trust have carried out research from medial reports and found that almost half of the cases reported involved crimes that had been committed since 2006. (No official breakdown of this research currently exists)

As many victims find their experiences difficult to come to terms with and report, it is highly likely that the real figure of child sexual abuse within the sporting industry is much higher.

There have been several high profile cases involving abuse that occurred 20 or 30 years ago, such as Barry Bennell, former Crewe Football Coach.

Operation Hydrant was set up in June 2014 to investigate a significant number of non-recent allegations of child sexual abuse involving persons of public prominence or within institution.

As part of the wider investigation of Operation Hydrant, Police have stated that they have received more than 2,800 sport abuse referrals relating to their investigation into historical sexual abuse. These referrals came via Police forces and NSPCC helpline that was set up in November 2016 in respect to allegations made by ex-footballers Steve Walters, Paul Stewart and Andy Woodward.

Statistics released by Operation Hydrant up to and including the 30th September 2018 revealed that 2927 different institutions were on the database to include not only Sport but, Schools, Children’s Home, Religious Institutions, Children & Young People’s Associations & Clubs and Health establishments.

Here at Farleys Solicitors, we advise and represent hundreds of clients who have experienced abuse and we are witnessing increasing numbers of victims who approach us daily to seek financial redress for the physical and psychological pain that they have endured as a result of the abuse they have suffered.

Our victims have suffered abuse at the hands of many coaches in the sports of Football, Swimming and Tennis to name but a few.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of abuse, our team is highly experienced and specialises in speaking directly with victims or their family members in confidence. Call our dedicated abuse line on 0330 134 6430 or contact us through our online form.