The Manchester news this week has been dominated by the appalling attack on a young man by the bouncers at Factory 251 Nightclub. One young man suffered a serious head injury with another suffering a bleed on the brain. The employers of the individual bouncers, Professional Security boasts that it ‘sets new standards in the security industry’ and as a result of the attack on the 2 December have terminated the contracts of all individuals involved.

Bouncers are tasked with the difficult role working at various venues, to keep order and ensure party goers are safe and have a good time. They must strive to achieve a safe environment for what can be situations of rowdy crowds and states of drunkenness. The attack at Factory 251 certainly raises questions concerning the integrity of those individuals tasked with this responsibility. For the avoidance of doubt in this case, the dreadful conduct of those individuals is videoed for all to bear witness too. Social media was quickly alight with the footage showing several bouncers jumping on one of the victims.

In a report prepared by the Police to the City Councils Licensing Committee the police stated that there was a ‘lack of duty of care’ it makes reference of ‘extreme violence’ and a ‘worrying level of incompetence.’ The bouncers employed by Professional Security failed to contact the police, a matter which the police have noted as being ‘extremely concerning’ and suggested a possible attempt to cover up the incident.

As a company Professional Security are vicariously liable for the conduct of their employees. As a company their employees have a duty to partygoers as aforementioned and the initial investigations point towards a serious breach of that duty. Such is the legal process that will need to be demonstrated by those representing the victims in a claim for personal injury should they wish to pursue the same.

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