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Abuse Claims Farleys Solicitors LLP

CICA Abuse Claims – Case Studies

CICA Abuse Claims

Client D Awarded £158,000 in CICA Review

Jonathan Bridge Head of Farleys’ Abuse Department was instructed in 2012 by Client D who had been abused as a child by her father. A CICA claim had been made on her behalf and when she reached 18 she received £5,000 in damages.

As she got older she developed mental health issues as a result of the abuse. These ultimately resulted in her having to give up a well paid job and seek treatment. Her life was badly affected by the abuse and she approached Farleys to see whether anything could be done to help.

Farleys contacted the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and after some investigation and negotiation persuaded the CICA to reopen the case. Evidence was obtained to support the Claimant’s contention of an ongoing psychiatric illness and a loss of earnings and after protracted correspondence with the CICA they were eventually persuaded to award the Claimant over £150,000.00 in compensation. This included a significantly increased Tariff Award for the long term psychiatric injury that the Claimant had sustained as a result of the sexual abuse together with past and future loss of earnings. This was one of the biggest settlements we have dealt with following the reopening of a CICA claim and shows that if you have suffered abuse historically but the onset of symptoms has been delayed it is never too late to submit a claim.

Client J Award Increased From £1,000 to £21,000 in CICA Appeal

Farleys Solicitors represented Client J who had been the subject of an extremely abusive marriage.  The Claimant was regularly beaten by her husband.  Things came to a head following an assault in 2009 that left her needing medical treatment and she finally left her husband and reported the matter to the police.

We acted on behalf of Client J and submitted an application for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.  The initial award was £1,000.00.  We felt this was inadequate for our client and asked the CICA to review their decision and they maintained their offer of £1,000.00.

We remained dissatisfied with this level of compensation for the serious psychiatric nature of the abuse suffered by our client and we accordingly commissioned medical evidence and took the case to an appeal.  On appeal we secured an award for the client of over £20,000.00 to compensate her for the psychiatric injury she had suffered as a result of the abuse by her husband.  The CICA were even persuaded to fund the cost of treatment to help her recover from the abuse.

Client A Wins £23,000 Following CICA Review

Farleys’ abuse claim solicitors recently handled a case where the Applicant had initially brought the application in person.  She had received an offer of approximately £8,000.00 and had asked for this to be reviewed.  On review the CICA reduced the offer to £3,000.00.  We took over the claim and progressed it to an appeal, eventually securing an award of over £20,000.00 for the Applicant.

The abuse claim team were contacted by Client A who had been abused as a child by a family member. Client A had already submitted a CICA application and following an initial review, had received an offer of £3000. After instructing Farleys, a further review of the application was conducted, resulting in an initially increased offer of £14,000. On the basis of the advice from Farleys, this offer was rejected and on appeal, an award of £23,000 was successfully achieved for the client.

£20,000 Increase in CICA Settlement for Client A

We were contacted by client A, who had been abused as a child by a family member. The client had submitted a CICA application, receiving an initial settlement offer of £3000.

The abuse compensation solicitors at Farleys took on the client’s case at this point, initially obtaining an increased offer of £14,000. On the basis of our advice, this offer was rejected, and on appeal, an award of £23,000 was obtained for client A.

Settlement of £16,500 Reached for CICA Child Abuse Claim

The abuse claims solicitors at Farleys recently secured £16,500 for Client A, who suffered abuse when she was a child. Farleys represented the client, who lives in Great Yarmouth, in pursuing a claim via the CICA.  As is often the case the claim was initially refused by the CICA and we were only successful on appeal.

This was a particularly complicated case because the abuse took place so long ago that it was under an old scheme where client had no entitlement if the abuse took place within the family unit. We successfully argued that although client A was abused within the family unit, the abuse continued after Client A had been removed from the family unit.  A settlement of £16,500 was successfully reached for the abuse that took place after she had left the family home.

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