Client S approached Farleys in April 2020 with the view to bringing a claim for compensation following historic abuse.


Client S had suffered terrible abuse at the hands of his adoptive father which included repeated rape. The abuse had had a profound affect upon Client S’ life resulting in long term psychiatric issues and suicide attempts.  Client S had struggled to maintain relationships and his marriage had failed. He had found work difficult and had resorted to alcohol as an appropriate coping mechanism.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Jonathan Bridge of Farleys’ abuse department accepted instructions to bring a claim for compensation which was submitted to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

This was a complex case because the abuser had died before the matter had been reported to the police. The claim was also submitted some 35 years out of time. These hurdles made it an extremely complex case which was initially refused at first instance by the CICA.

Farleys obtained corroboratory evidence on behalf of Client S. The CICA were invited to review their decision. On review they accepted that Client S had an entitlement to compensation under the Scheme and put forward an offer of £22,000 in relation to Client S’s psychiatric injury.

On the basis of our advice, Client S challenged this award by way of an appeal to the First Tier Tribunal. Farleys obtained medical evidence from an experienced adult psychiatrist who not only commented upon the extent of Client S’s injury but also upon the impact it had had on his ability to work.  Evidence was obtained from DWP and HMRC to support a loss of earnings claim.  The matter proceeded to a hearing.  Client S was represented at that hearing by Jonathan Bridge who secured an increased award of £108,765.  The CICA accepted that on the basis of the evidence presented this was an appropriate award under the terms of the Scheme for the terrible abuse that Client S had suffered.

Contact a Specialist Abuse Claims Solicitor

If you are a survivor of abuse, whether at the hands of a family member, in a religious or educational institution, or sports club, you may be entitled to seek compensation. To discuss your case with a specialist in confidence, please call our dedicated abuse line on 0330 134 6430, complete our online contact form or use the online chat below.