The Department for Transport has released its provisional estimates for the year ending June 2022. The estimates detail the number of personal injury road traffic casualties and fatalities in Great Britain.

Given that the most popular mode of transport on our roads is the car, it is not surprising that the majority of fatalities and casualties are suffered by car occupants. Other road users who have a high number of fatalities and casualties are the ‘vulnerable road users’.

Vulnerable road users were identified in the Highway Code in 2022 as pedestrians, motorcyclists, pedal cyclists, wheelchair or mobility scooter users and horse riders. Of the 1,649 fatalities on the road, 860 of those were vulnerable road users and of the 128,086 casualties, 52,722 were vulnerable road users.

Although these appear to be worryingly high figures, there are signs of decreases across the board. There was a 4% decrease in fatalities from road traffic collisions and a 6% decrease in casualties.

Here are some of the estimated figures:

  • Overall, 76% of fatalities and 62% of casualties of all severities were male

  • 3% of fatalities and 10% of all casualties were aged 16 and under

  • 26% of fatalities and 30% of all casualties were aged 17 to 29

  • 20% of fatalities and 7% of all casualties were aged over 70, and over 45% of fatalities were car occupants, 24% were pedestrians, 20% were motorcyclists and 6% were pedal cyclists

  • The biggest percentage change compared to year ending June 2019 was for pedestrian fatalities, which showed a 15% decrease

  • Car occupants, motorcyclists and pedal cyclists have returned to very similar fatality figures to pre-pandemic levels

  • The biggest percentage change compared to year ending June 2019 was for car occupants, which showed a 17% decrease

  • There was also a decrease for pedestrian casualties, but pedal cyclists and motorcyclist casualty numbers were broadly similar to pre-pandemic levels

The hope of the changes made to the Highway Code were that it would bring down the number of road traffic collisions, and in turn fatalities and casualties. The estimates provide an indication that this appears to be working, but only time will tell.

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