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Whiplash Compensation Claims

Whiplash Compensation Claims

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury, caused by a sudden extension of the neck muscles after a collision. There need not necessarily have been a high impact collision for a whiplash injury to be sustained; sometimes the more serious cases of whiplash are as a result of low speed collisions.

For more information or for a free of charge discussion about a potential whiplash compensation claim, call Farleys on 01254606008, or alternatively you can email us, and a whiplash compensation solicitor will respond to your enquiry at the earliest opportunity.

Whiplash Injuries

If you have sustained a whiplash injury as a result of a car accident or collision of any form, Farleys Solicitors can help you make a claim for whiplash compensation. Common symptoms of a whiplash injury include:

  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Numbness, tingling or pain in shoulders and/or arms
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Back ache

Pain may present itself minutes after a collision or it can begin up to a several days later.

In more severe cases, a whiplash injury may cause:

  • Memory loss
  • Problems concentrating
  • Ears ringing
  • Depression

Our team of dedicated personal injury solicitors have a great deal of experience in acting for clients in whiplash injury claims and our solicitors will always act on a no win no fee basis wherever possible.

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No Win No Fee Whiplash Compensation Claims

Drivers are required by law to have insurance and to produce details of their insurer in the event of a road traffic accident. Any whiplash compensation awarded in your claim would be paid by the third party insurance company and therefore the financial position of the driver at fault is irrelevant to your claim.

You may be able to claim whiplash compensation for pain and suffering caused by the injury, loss of earnings if you have been unable to work and other expenses incurred as a result of the injury.

Choosing the right solicitor is also crucial to both the success of your claim and the amount of compensation you are awarded. Farleys are specialists in whiplash compensation claims and our solicitors will do everything in their power to ensure that you are awarded the compensation you deserve.

Wherever possible, Farleys will pursue your claim on a ‘no win no fee’ basis, meaning that you won’t be asked to pay a penny if your claim is unsuccessful.

Contact a Specialist in Whiplash Compensation Claims

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