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Pedestrian Accident Compensation Claim Solicitors

Pedestrian Accident Claim

Pedestrian Accident Claim

As pedestrians going about our everyday lives, we all assume that because we are walking along a pavement, or crossing the road at a designated crossing, we are safe.

The unfortunate fact is that every year, hundreds of pedestrians are injured and even killed by other road users. It is often the most vulnerable pedestrians who are at risk – with children and the elderly accounting for a significant number of pedestrian accidents and casualties.

Farleys Solicitors LLP is a long established firm of Solicitors with a wealth of experience in personal injury claims involving pedestrians. To speak to a solicitor regarding a potential claim, or to arrange a free initial consultation, call 01254606008 or email us.

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Claiming Compensation Following a Pedestrian Accident

Farleys Solicitors have successfully achieved thousands of pounds in compensation for victims of pedestrian accidents. These cases have included accidents where pedestrians have been struck by cars, vans, buses, cyclists, and motorbikes. Although the circumstances vary in each case, accidents are often caused by vehicles driving too fast, or failing to observe the rules of the road, such as failure to stop at a zebra crossing.

The injuries sustained following a pedestrian accident can be severe and in some cases can have serious and long lasting effects on the victim’s quality of life. The solicitors at Farleys can help you claim the compensation you deserve to recover medical costs, compensation for your injuries and any loss of earnings.

At Farleys, we pride ourselves on the fact that your case will be dealt with by an experienced solicitor, increasing the likelihood of you receiving maximum compensation in your case.

We offer a “no win no fee” consultation where we will assess the circumstances of your accident and provide clear advice as to the most appropriate way to pursue your claim and your prospects of success.

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To speak to a solicitor about a potential claim following a pedestrian accident, call 01254606008 or email us and an experienced solicitor will contact you.

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