As part of my daily commute, I, along with many of my other colleagues travel along Barbara Castle Way every morning and every evening to get to our head office in Blackburn town centre. The particular stretch of road is notorious in the area for being dangerous during both busy and quieter periods.

The Lancashire Telegraph has recently reported that a Planning Application has been submitted to create a new link road and junctions to join up with Barbara Castle Way to make it safer for road users. The improvements will include more signalised junctions together with the implementation of new cycling facilities. The overall aim of the project will be to reduce congestion and remove conflict and thus reduce the risk of accidents in the area.

Speaking in general terms, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and horse riders are amongst the most vulnerable road users so it is hoped that these changes will reduce road traffic accidents on the whole. Statistics published by the Government over recent years show that the majority of accidents involving pedestrians occur on urban roads. As a pedestrian, you are 22 times more likely to be injured in a road traffic accident than a car occupant. When a car makes contact with a pedestrian, a motor vehicle can only be described as a “deadly weapon”. It is therefore vital that all road users are protected as far as possible and risks of road users becoming injured are reduced to a minimum.

The news of these suggested improvements comes on the back of a fatal accident on Barbara Castle Way where a pedestrian was sadly killed on, what is becoming, a deadly stretch of road in the Blackburn area. Figures from Crash Map revealed that there have been eight serious and two fatal accidents on Barbara Castle Way over a five year period between 2013-2017. Startling statistics: especially so close to home.

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