Neil McGowan, a Councillor on Nelson Town Council, has called for support in launching a driving safety campaign after he witnessed a near fatal crash at a junction in the town.

The Councillor’s dash cam footage caught the moment a silver KIA overtook him and a car in front before speeding through a red light, almost colliding with a mini crossing the junction. The dash cam footage has since gone viral and been viewed across the world.

In reaction to his experience, Mr McGowan has told the Lancashire Telegraph;

“I’m calling for some sort of educational message to be put out about driving dangerously. It’s all too often we see drivers, and I hate to say it, but most of them are young, racing through the streets without a care in the world.”

Nelson town council leader Zafar Ali joined Mr McGowan’s criticism of speeding drivers in the area;

“In my point of view speeding kills, full stop.”

Many members of the public have also pointed out how that particular Nelson Junction has a significant problem with dangerous drivers whether through speeding, jumping red lights or using mobile phones at the wheel.

Cllr McGowan has now promised to look into launching a campaign to raise awareness about driving dangerously in the area.

Frequently accidents happen when dangerous driving is involved, whether between several vehicles or between a vehicle and a pedestrian. If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s dangerous driving, the consequences could be catastrophic and life altering.

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