The road safe charity, Brake, run multiple campaigns to make our country’s roads safer. One of those campaigns, “Safe Systems” is based upon the ethos that our life and health should not be compromised by our need to travel. It is considered international best practice but has not yet been adopted by UK Government as a whole. For example, the Swedish operate “Vision Zero” which is based on the philosophy that life and health can never be exchanged for other benefits within society.

The campaign is driven by the human being at the centre, it accounts for the fact that even the most conscientious person can and will make a mistake. The aim of the campaign is to make sure that mistakes made by road users don’t lead to an accident, or if it does, to minimise the damage caused in any event. Responsibility for the system is shared by each and every person – from the makers of policies, to the media, to each and every road user alike.

The Safe Systems campaign is made up of 4 elements –

  • Safer Roads – the design of roads to reduce the risk of crashes occurring and the severity of injuries even if a crash does occur. Efforts include segregating road users, segregating traffic and ensuring that road layouts are simple and consistent to understand.

  • Safer Speeds – a car in a side on collision can protect its occupants up to around 30mph and this part of the campaign is to establish appropriate speed limits according to various road features. Authorities can also enforce education campaigns, the younger we entrench this within the next generation the better.

  • Safer Vehicles – promoting the purchase of safer vehicles, the same then being maintained to the highest possible safety standards.

  • Safer Road Use – the ethos of reducing the number of vehicles on our own roads by promoting greater use of safer modes of travel such as public transport. The creation and maintenance of risk-aware drivers through education and publicity.

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