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Money Laundering Defence Solicitors

Money Laundering Defence Solicitors

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The term ‘money laundering’, refers to the process by which criminals and fraudulent businesses disguise money made from illegal activity. Once illegally acquired funds have been passed through the hands of enough legitimate businesses and institutions, they become untraceable, and are therefore free to be used without threat of repercussions.

The solicitors at Farleys Fraud and Business Crime Unit are thoroughly experienced when it comes to defending businesses that have been accused of money laundering, and are also able to offer legal advice to businesses that wish to ensure they are never unknowingly used as money launderers.

To contact a lawyer who can advise you in respect of money laundering, please call us on 0125 460 6090, or alternatively you can email us, and a member of the team will respond to you at the earliest opportunity.


Money Laundering Penalties

Current money laundering regulations and UK law allow for a variety of repercussions for those found to be engaging in money laundering activities. These include substantial fines and terms of imprisonment up to fourteen years. Individuals convicted of money laundering may also be subject to restraint and confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Contact a Money Laundering Defence Solicitor

As members of the Specialist Fraud Panel (formally the Serious Fraud Panel), the serious fraud solicitors at Farleys are well-placed to advise on the legal implications of money laundering.

We provide a helpful and reliable legal advice and defence service to clients who have been accused of money laundering and other fraud and business crime activities.

Operating from our offices in Manchester and Lancashire, we provide legal advice and guidance to clients throughout the UK. For more information on the legal implications of money laundering, or to arrange a consultation please e-mail Paul Schofield, Bridgette Hibbert or Sian Hall and we will respond to you immediately.

Alternatively, call us now on 01254 52552.


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