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Bribery and Corruption Defence

Bribery and Corruption Defence

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If you have been accused of Bribery and Corruption offences or are facing investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO), it is vital that you seek advice from experienced defence solicitors as soon as possible. The punishment for the company, or even the individual owners of the company, if found guilty of bribery offences can be very severe, and include unlimited fines or even imprisonment.

The fraud and business crime solicitors at Farleys have a National reputation in the criminal defence of fraud and serious crime matters, including defence of bribery and corruption accusations from the most minor level to the gravest of allegations. To speak to a solicitor specialising in bribery defence, call 0125 460 6090 or alternatively you can email us.

The Bribery Act – Offences

Whilst bribery has always been a criminal offence, the Bribery Act (2010), which came into force on 1st July 2011 was brought in to tackle bribery and corruption in corporate organisations and businesses.  Businesses and business owners can be charged for the following offences:

  • Accepting a bribe
  • Giving a bribe
  • Failing to prevent bribery
  • Bribing a public foreign official

In a business context, the types of actions that could lead to prosecution under the Bribery Act include:

  • Disproportionate levels of corporate entertainment
  • Payments or gifts to secure contracts
  • Gifts or payments to clients that could be deemed ‘disproportionate’
  • An offence of bribery conducted by an employee of the business

Contact a Bribery Defence Solicitor

If you have been accused of an offence under the Bribery Act, it is essential that you seek advice from an experienced fraud and business crime solicitor straight away. To speak to a solicitor in Farleys fraud and business crime team, call 0125 460 6090 or alternatively, you can email us  and a solicitor specialising in bribery and corruption defence will respond to your enquiry.

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