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Business Crime Fraud Farleys Solicitors LLP

About Farleys’ SCU

About Farleys' SCU

Serious Fraud Solicitors

Farleys Solicitors has one of the most experienced teams of business crime and serious fraud solicitors in the UK. As one of the earliest successful applicants to the Serious Fraud Panel when it was set up by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) in 2000/2001, we have worked on a comprehensive range of serious fraud and criminal law cases throughout the country, often with international dimensions.

We created the Special Casework Unit (SCU) as a specialist department with the task of handling the defence of clients accused of significant personal and business crimes. Our fraud and serious crime solicitors have experience of handling cases involving everything from massive frauds to murder and terrorism.

In January 2008, the LSC formed a national panel of solicitors with the requisite experience and resources to defend clients in very high cost cases (VHCC). Farleys met the stringent qualifying standards and were invited to join the VHCC panel, allowing us to continue to handle cases involving the most complex, extensive and severe examples of fraud and business crime.

The Farleys Special Casework Unit (SCU)

The SCU is composed of a number of distinct teams of serious crime solicitors, each specialising in key areas of criminal law.

The unit was established over ten years ago in order to ensure that complex, specialist and serious criminal cases were dealt with by a department with the necessary resources and experience to provide clients with the highest standards of representation.

The SCU aims to become involved in cases pertaining to serious fraud, business crime or any other serious crime, at the earliest possible stage, ideally prior to interview by the Police, SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency), HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs), SFO (Serious Fraud Office) or any other Government agency. We will thereafter provide sustained and vigorous legal advice and attention throughout the course of the case.

Legal Services for Fraud and Business Crime Clients

Our vibrant Criminal Law Department is experienced in tackling criminal defence work and commercial litigation as a result of serious fraud. Solicitors involved with the SCU are capable of working in all areas, that is with the Police, Magistrates, Crown Courts and Courts of Appeal on behalf of their clients.

Our expertise and experience in the field of serious fraud and business crime includes:


We represent clients all over England and Wales, please see the map below for a selection of our recent work.

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Hereford: 52.055400, -2.715170
Worcester CC: 52.190698, -2.224215
Maidstone: 51.272178, 0.534691
Stafford CC: 52.848100, -2.176360
Harrow CC: 51.566670, -0.333330
Southampton CC: 50.941582, -1.472281
Nottingham CC: 52.974203, -1.164711
Southwark CC: 51.467160, -0.060600
Old Bailey: 51.515830, -0.101910
Blackfriars CC: 51.502428, -0.100116
Chester CC: 53.207393, -2.881343
Carlisle Cases: 54.889669, -2.934311
Newcastle CC: 54.987630, -1.633844
Colne - Murder Acquittal: 53.856800, -2.169120
Birmingham Cases: 52.481400, -1.899830
Preston Crown Court: 53.763934, -2.703710
Cases in London: 51.508500, -0.125740
Liverpool Crown Court: 53.410600, -2.977940
Burnley CC: 53.800000, -2.233330
Leeds Crown Court: 53.796200, -1.539850
Blackburn: 53.749700, -2.479750
Sheffield Cases: 53.383000, -1.465900
Manchester Crown Court: 53.479100, -2.244100
Bolton CC: 53.578700, -2.466970
Wood Green CC: 51.602200, -0.112568
Mold CC: 53.166700, -3.141430
Stoke on Trent: 53.018000, -2.164550
Bradford: 53.792856, -1.750259
Plymouth CC: 50.371300, -4.142570
Shrewsbury CC: 52.707900, -2.754010
Leicester CC: 52.636800, -1.131230
Lincoln CC: 53.233600, -0.539217
Barrow CC: 54.126500, -3.212340
Teeside CC (Middlesborough): 54.576000, -1.234400
Kingston Upon Thames: 51.409600, -0.306262
Derby CC: 52.921300, -1.476150
Dudley CC: 52.511500, -2.082010
Bristol CC: 51.453800, -2.597300
Northampton CC: 52.241300, -0.886896
Caernarfon CC: 53.139000, -4.269190
Hull CC: 53.744500, -0.332005
York CC: 53.958700, -1.061440
Swansea CC: 51.621100, -3.946780


Contact the Farleys SCU

Whether you are located in the Northwest of England or indeed literally anywhere else, call 0333 331 7126 to contact one of the country’s most experienced teams of fraud and serious crime solicitors. Alternatively, you can email us.

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