The statistics for e-scooter accidents are ever increasing with both legal and illegal use of e-scooters growing exponentially.

In 2021, collisions involving e-scooters rose to 1,434, from 460 in 2020.  The age group with the highest injuries and fatalities from e-scooter accidents is 10-19 year olds, with 20-29-year olds closely behind, with over 75% of those being male.

Larger cities, such as London and Birmingham, have introduced the use of rental e-scooters which are legal to use on public roads and in other public places, and include specific safety features to ensure the safety of both riders and other road users, such as limiting the speed of the scooters.  These e-scooters are covered by insurance taken out by the operators and would therefore cover any accidents which take place while using the e-scooter.

However, many e-scooter users outside those cities are using their e-scooters illegally on the roads/paths.

As the government has not yet stepped in to make insurance, tax, and MOT mandatory (and accessible) for private e-scooters, anyone who is injured by an e-scooter is not able to claim directly against an insurance company, as would be the case for rental e-scooters or in other vehicle accidents.  Instead, any claim now falls to the Motor Insurers’ Bureau to foot the bill.

What is the Motor Insurers’ Bureau and how can I claim?

The Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB), amongst other things, is a body set up to help in ensuring that those who are injured by either uninsured or untraceable drivers can receive compensation for their injuries.  The MIB is funded by all insurers who are obliged to contribute to the MIB, by virtue of the Road Traffic Act 1988.

In circumstances where an individual is injured by a vehicle which is uninsured, the MIB will step in to assist with compensation for the victim.

Private e-scooters are not capable of insuring at present, but are still categorised as ‘mechanically propelled vehicles’ under the Road Traffic Act 1988.  This means that any accident involving illegally used e-scooters will fall under the MIB’s Uninsured Drivers Agreement and, if you are not at fault for the accident, they should compensate you for your injuries and losses.

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