Have you received an Employment Tribunal claim form (an ET1) from an employee or a former employee? Does your business need help to file an ET3 Response (Defence) at the Employment Tribunal?

Is the case underway and are you now overwhelmed with volumes of paperwork, Employment Tribunal deadlines and legal terminology?  Perhaps you are caught up with the busy day to day running of your business and simply don’t have sufficient time to deal with the case? Are you worried about adverse publicity the case could have for your business or the amount of compensation that may have to be paid?

Farleys are regularly instructed by Employers who have received an Employment Tribunal claim from a current or former employee and need help to prepare and file their defence before the Tribunal deadline expires, or to represent them as the case progresses.

Whether it is to understand what specific legal terminology means, how to go about dealing with various Case Management Orders, Preliminary Hearings or Tribunal Applications; or to fully represent your business, our expert team are here to help you.

The following is a helpful summary of some of the key steps for you as a Respondent Employer during the defence of an Employment Tribunal claim process and the reasons why it’s important that your business gets it right!

Responding to a Notice of Claim

It is imperative that your business understands the actual legal claims brought against your business, the related legal tests, burden of proof, time-limits and compensation value risk otherwise you cannot even begin to properly defend the claims.

Some claims such as harassment can have personal liability and it’s important you are aware of these and how best to respond…

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