Mr R approached Farleys’ personal injury team to look at the possibility of making a claim for compensation after he was injured in an accident at work.


Mr R was working as a delivery driver at the time of the accident. On the day in question, he was in the back of his delivery van sorting through parcels when a heavy, unsecured, metal object fell, striking him on the back of his head, knocking him unconscious.

He reported the accident to his office as soon as he came around. He tried to continue with his deliveries but he was suffering from sickness, dizziness, and headaches. He also had injuries to his right ear and right shoulder and ended up taking three weeks off work sick.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Mr R instructed personal injury specialist Jade Jump to act on his behalf in a claim for compensation against his employers.

Jade instructed a medical expert to examine Mr R’s physical and psychological injuries and access the extent of the damage caused by the accident.

After receiving the medical report, Jade submitted a claim to Mr R’s employers stating the injuries caused by his employers not securing the object inside the van. Jade argued that Mr R had suffered physical injuries alongside anxiety, and a loss of earnings, as well as incurring other expenses as a result of the negligence of his employer.

Admission of liability for the accident took some time but Jade persisted and, once this was achieved, she went on to negotiate a settlement of £3,500 for Mr R.

Jade commented,

We were pleased to achieve this settlement for Mr R, which was on the higher end of the average damages for these kinds of injuries. His physical injuries resolved after three months, but his psychological injuries took eight months to resolve. This settlement compensates him for the injuries he suffered and covers the losses he incurred and allow him closure on his experience. We wish him all the best.

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