Mr B approached Farleys’ personal injury specialists about the possibility of making a claim for compensation after he suffered a serious injury in a fall at work.


Mr B was a builder at the time of the accident and had been employed as a contractor to work at a residential property. Part of the work involved demolishing a porch and installing new windows. The roof had been taken off the porch and replaced with a platform of unsecured plywood. Mr B was standing on the platform, being passed something by a colleague but when he leant forward to receive the item, the plywood tipped. Thinking he was going to fall, Mr B jumped from the top of the porch. He landed on a hard surface and fractured his right heel and sprained his knee and ankle.

Mr B required surgery, physiotherapy and steroid injections as well as specialist inserts for his shoes.

He was off work for 14 months before it was confirmed he would be unable to go back to doing the job he previously did due to his injuries. He had to retrain and take on a more sedentary role. He also required assistance at home with tasks such as painting, gardening, and climbing ladders which, as an ex-military man, he had been able to do with ease prior to the accident.

How Farleys Were Able to Help

Due to the impact of the accident on his career and his home life, Mr B instructed Nick Molyneux of Farleys’ personal injury team to make a claim on his behalf against the company which had employed him to work on that job.

The company denied that he was employed by them and also claimed the accident was Mr B’s fault. Nick and his team managed to come to an agreement with the Defendant on that issue.

Nick and his team instructed an orthopaedic surgeon and an orthotist to produce expert reports on Mr B’s injuries and argued that his injuries had left him disabled and unable to continue in his current career, which he would otherwise have continued in until he was 67.

Unable to come to a settlement with the company, the case was listed for trial which was due to start in the April. As the trial date approached, Nick successfully negotiated a settlement for Mr B of almost £100,000 with just 3 weeks to go.

Nick commented,

Mr B’s injuries have had a huge impact on his life which wouldn’t have happened had the correct safety procedures been in place on site. We were pleased to have been able to settle this case without the need to go to court which would have added to Mr B’s already traumatic experience. We hope the settlement will go some way to providing closure and funding the future treatment he will need.

Contact a Personal Injury Solicitor

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