The Health and Safety Executive has released the figures relating to deaths resulting from accidents at work or on farms during the period 2019/2020. The figures are at the highest since 2015 with three of the eight fatalities occurring in 2019/2020. Indeed, a large proportion of these will have resulted in successful claims for personal injury.

All eight of the accidents involved males, four of the deaths occurred in locations in Pendle, two in Burnley and two in Blackburn with Darwen. A further death was reported to have taken place in Chorley during 2015/16. Although these statistics are not a reflection on Covid-19 related loss of life, it is a relevant time to reflect on employers duties towards employees to provide a safe working environment.

Your employer has a strict duty by law to protect your health, safety and welfare at work. This means that your employer has an obligation to ensure that your work environment is safe and the appropriate measures are taken to see that you do not come to any harm whilst you are at work. Furthermore, if you are injured at work due to the negligence of a fellow employee, then your employer may be liable.

Regulations governing the duties of employers are complex and wide ranging and involve ensuring that the workplace is safe, that all equipment is safely maintained, that the workplace is kept clean and tidy, and that adequate training is provided. Employers should take steps such as completing risk assessments and reducing any risks found. The emphasis in the regulations is on risk assessment and prevention rather than the reaction to an accident after it has occurred.

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