In September 2019 it was recorded that the accidents in the agriculture sector have the worst rate of worker fatal injuries [per 100,000] of the main industrial sectors. It is eighteen times as high as the average rate across all industries.

According to the Health and Safety statistics, workers in agriculture, forestry and fishing are more than twenty times more likely to be killed at work than the average for all others sectors combined. There are 360,000 workers in the agricultural sector, making up only 1% of the total workforce, yet it’s responsible for 20% of all fatal accidents at work.

Growing up on a farm I have first hand experience of knowing many farmers and farm hand workers who have suffered very serious injuries as a result of farming accidents, with a family member personally suffering with loss of limb.

The combination of long hours required, and often at the last minute is not good with heavy plant. As is always the case with the UK weather when the sun shines farm contractors can find themselves working non stop and tirelessly to cultivate large spans of crops before the weather takes a turn for the worse threatening to ruin crops. With the recent good weather and a heavy reliance on farming due to the coronavirus, the strain on the farming sector is greater than normal.

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