We are all currently in a situation which can only be described as the unknown. We are finding that the pandemic is naturally impacting, both directly and indirectly, upon all areas of life including personal injury claims. Here at Farleys, we are adapting as we always do.

Claiming for Damages after a Personal Injury

In the ordinary course of matters, a claimant is entitled to bring a claim for damages which have resulted from an accident/incident for which they are not at fault. These damages are made up of two components;

General Damages

This is the injury itself and all associated pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Special Damages

Those are the past losses which can include medication costs, travelling expenses, treatment costs and loss of earnings to name but a few. In the larger value cases, future losses are also included (again, in the form of future treatment, future loss of earnings etc). A claim can also be made for the value of care provided by friends and family members (even though the claimant does not actually physically pay their friends and family to care for them).

The Impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Special Damages

As a result of the pandemic, many employers have made the decision to Furlough their staff. If a claimant would not have been able to work as a result of their injuries, in the absence of the pandemic, the insurers will still have to pick up the bill for these losses regardless.

As for the value of the special damages; although it is very much case specific, a claim may actually increase in value as a result of the pandemic. An example of this may be where a claimant has suffered with a chest injury (or any other injury which can lead a lower immune system) as a result of an accident which then means that additional care is required during the pandemic to protect them from contracting Covid-19.

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