Care homes have been at the forefront of the news coverage surrounding the pandemic and the challenges it has created for care home and medical staff. Unfortunately, over recent months we have seen a significant increase in the number of deaths in care homes across the UK, initially without much media attention. The situation has become clearer and clearer with each day of lockdown which has passed. Claims for negligence do arise in relation to care received in care homes and negligence is not uncommon, even in a pre-Covid world.

What are the kinds of claims which arise against Care Homes?

Some of the most common medical negligence claims, to name but a few, relate to pressure sores/ulcers, incorrect medication and injuries following falls/errors in handling.

Pressure Sores/Ulcers:

As many elderly residents are confined to bed, pressure sores/ulcers can form when the skin is in contact with the bed for a prolonged period of time. It is therefore vital that residents are attended to regularly and “turned” to avoid these problems occurring.

Incorrect medication:

When issues arise around medication being administered incorrectly, these tend to revolve around misunderstandings, proper records not being kept or issues with staff training. It remains the responsibility of care homes, even throughout the pandemic, to maintain proper records, to train staff and ensure medication is administered correctly.


Many residents in care homes are frail, it is therefore unfortunate that falls will happen and not all of these will amount to negligence on the part of the care home. However, we must remember that the responsibility remains to make sure that all equipment [hoists and such like] are properly maintained and that staff are appropriately trained in handling and lifting techniques.

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