Even though we are all staying at home as much as we can in lockdown, accidents do still happen: whether they occur whilst on the road, or whilst you are out and about getting your exercise. Even those who are not keen fitness fanatics are taking advantage of getting out and about to enjoy the fresh air, especially when the sun is shining.

Many people do not realise that when an accident occurs in a public place, they may be able to claim compensation from the Local Authority for the injuries and losses which have resulted as a consequence of the roads or paths being in a state of disrepair. When you don’t know where potholes or unsafe areas of pavement or road are, all it can taken is a momentary glance which can result in a pulled muscle or worse, a broken or fractured bone.

The Local Authority has a duty of care to the members of the public [their “Duty of Care”]. To make sure they fulfil this duty, they must make sure that public places are kept to a safe and reasonable standard. If this has not happened and you have suffered injury as a result, the right to make a personal injury claim arises.

In order to have a successful case against a Local Authority, it is vital to take photographs to show the height and depth of a defect at the time when the accident occurred. It is also helpful to document the recovery from the injury itself whether by photographs or a diary. It is also prudent and savvy to keep receipts of any expenses which have been incurred as a result of the injury, this can include travelling expenses, medication costs or loss of earnings to name but a few.

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