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Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP
Personal Injury Farleys Solicitors LLP

Factory Slip Compensation Claims

Factory Slip Compensation Claims

If you have slipped whilst working in a factory as a result of another individual’s negligence, and have suffered a serious personal injury as a result, you could be entitled to claim financial compensation. Compensation is a legal entitlement, and is intended to help you cover the costs of running a home during a period spent out of work, as well as covering any medical or rehabilitation fees.

Common Factory Slipping Accidents

The factory floor can be a hazardous place. If it is not managed correctly, supervisors have not received adequate training or inappropriate footwear and clothing is provided to employees, slips are common, and can result in debilitating personal injuries and a long period spent out of work.

Common factory slipping accidents include:

  • slips on ice build-up around the entrances of industrial freezer units;
  • slips on chemical spills;
  • slips on dropped ingredients in food manufacturing factories;
  • slips on water and soap spills;

If you have been injured following one of the above accidents, or you have suffered an injury following a slip on the factory floor due to some other form of negligence, get in touch with a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible to discuss making a factory accident claim.

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What will Farleys do?

If you contact Farleys following a slip on the factory floor we will provide you with in depth, easy to understand legal advice. Should you decide to proceed with your factory accident compensation claim, our specialist personal injury solicitors will handle every aspect of the legal process, ensuring you receive the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries.

To find out more about making a compensation claim following a slipping accident in a factory, contact the accident claims team at Farleys.

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