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Online business solicitors
Online business solicitors

Online Business Solicitors

Online Business Solicitors

Ecommerce websites are changing the way we browse, research and purchase products. The last few years have seen rapid growth in online spending as consumers’ trust in online shopping has developed, and retailers have embraced online as a platform to sell their products. The projections for online spending in the UK are set to further increase over the coming years, and as such, having a fully transactional website is becoming an increasingly important element to many businesses strategies.

Despite the temptation to jump straight in and launch a website, it is important that business owners protect their interests by obtaining specialist legal advice from an ecommerce business lawyer. The commercial team at Farleys have a great deal of experience in advising business owners about the legal issues specific to online trading. To speak to a solicitor today, call 0845 287 9792, or email us .

Setting Up an Online Business – Legal Advice

With an increasing number and affordability of ecommerce platforms and CMS systems, it is possible to set up and start selling from a website within a matter of days.  As with any business, however, there are a number of vital legal factors that need to be considered before trading can begin, as well as specific matters relating to websites. These include:

  • Business set up – under what business name is the website to trade under
  • Website development – who will build the website and who will own the design/development rights?
  • Website content -text, imagery, video or software used on the website might be subject to license agreements
  • Terms and conditions of website use

In addition, there are also additional legal factors to be considered and regulations that relate directly to the sale of goods online, including the Consumer Protection Regulations 2000 (amended 2005) – often known as ‘Distance Selling Regulations’, and the Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002.

The commercial law solicitors at Farleys can guide you through the legalities surrounding setting up an online business / ecommerce and assist you with ensuring you have all of the correct procedures and documentation in place.

Contact an Ecommerce Law Solicitor

If you need any advice in relation to setting up a website, or ecommerce law, call us on 0333 331 4901 today, or send us details of your enquiry by email.

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