An independent inquiry being carried out by the National Crime Agency has revealed that the number of children being abused in Rotherham, South Yorkshire has risen to 1,510 from the previous 1,400 in a 2014 report.

Of the 1,510 victims at least 1,300 are female revealing that males are also the victims of sexual abuse. The vast majority of victims are said to be White British girls aged between 11 and 18.

The inquiry, named Operation Stovewood, is being conducted at the request of South Yorkshire Police and thus far, the National Crime Agency has identified 110 suspects, of whom 80% of are Pakistani heritage and six trials are listed for 2018.

To date, of the 110 suspects, 38 have been arrested, 18 have been charged, 2 have been cautioned and 4 have been convicted in relation to Operation Stovewood and handed prison sentences totalling over 30 years.

Senior Investigating Officer on Operation Stovewood, Mr Paul Williamson, has said that a “toxic mix” of factors let abusers go almost unchecked in Rotherham from around 1997 to 2013 when the scandal first broke out.  The failure of the Police to listen, safeguard and investigate the reports has led to a corrosive lack of trust among victims that the National Crime Agency is still trying to break down.

The majority of offending is said to have taken place in Rotherham, however in one case a victim was taken to Pakistan to be abused and there is also evidence of trafficking across other Northern towns and as far as Bristol.

Farleys Solicitors have represented and still continue to represent the ever increasing number of victims that are coming forward in cases across Rotherham, Rochdale, Liverpool, Newcastle, Oxford, Bristol and many more towns.

As with the NCA, our dedicated team have spoken with a number of victims, and each survivor is leading to further victims, suspects and locations.

It is almost impossible to comprehend the horrific suffering endured by the victims, and it is crucial they are supported in any way possible.

Unfortunately, these blameless victims of sexual abuse will suffer significant psychological harm due to the actions of their abusers, and for these victims we realise there is unfortunately no getting away from what has happened to them.

From experience, pursing a claim often helps our clients to bring closure to their ordeal following the sentence to provide the resources to fund medical treatment and therapy they may require.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of abuse, whilst we appreciate that it is often difficult to talk about what has happened our team is experienced and dedicated to speaking with you in the strictest of confidence. You can call us on 0330 134 6430 or email us here.