The IICSA was established in 2015 to address the failures of numerous institutions to protect children from Child Sex Abuse.

At present, the Inquiry Panel, chaired by Alexis Jay, is conducting 13 investigations of institutions such as the councils of Westminster, Lambeth, Rochdale and Nottinghamshire. It is also investigating Child Sex Abuse failures of the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church. Farleys is instructed by a Core Participant to the Nottinghamshire Inquiry, who was a victim of child sex abuse.

The second Preliminary Hearing regarding institutional failure to protect children from sexual abuse in Nottinghamshire was held on Wednesday 31 January 2018 in London.

The purpose of the preliminary hearing was to determine which case studies will be investigated by the Inquiry panel at the public hearing in October 2018. The public hearing will take place over 3 weeks and will be the seventh to be heard.

Counsel to the Inquiry proposed the following case studies:

  • Sexual abuse at Beechwood Children’s Home, either
  1. Non-recent sexual abuse and historical response by the local authority
  2. Sexual abuse by residential social worker, Andris Logins
  • Sexual abuse in Foster Care
  • Peer on Peer Sexual Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse at Wollaton House

Core Participants were invited to make written submissions to provide their views on the above proposals and were also given the option to make oral submissions at the Preliminary Hearing.

Furthermore, the Inquiry Panel recently announced that the first few days of the Public Hearing will be held in Nottingham. However, at the Preliminary Hearing, the Core Participants urged the Inquiry Panel to direct that all three weeks of the Public Hearing be held in Nottingham. Many Core Participants have mental health problems and feel intimidated by the prospect of traveling to London to attend the Public Hearing. This solution would enable Core Participants to be supported by friends and family and return to their homes at the end of each day of the Public Hearing.

Alexis Jay indicated that the Inquiry Panel will shortly provide their decision on the case studies to be investigated at the Public Hearing.

Farleys have already settled claims for various Beechwood Claimants in relation to physical/sexual abuse and subsequent Data Protection Act 1998 breaches. We continue to receive new instructions and suspect that there are many more victims still to come forward.

If you would like to speak in confidence with one of Farleys abuse claim specialists, please contact us on 0330 134 6430 or if you would prefer to email you can do so here.